5 Nationwide Drivers that have a Better Shot at Winning the Title than Steve Wallace

Apparently, Steve Wallace is good enough to win a NASCAR title.

This, according to the good people at NASCAR.com who decided to pin Wallace up against NASCAR Nationwide Series phenom Justin Allgaier in their latest homepage poll.

The poll(which can be found on the right-hand side of the homepage, assuming it’s still there) asks the question: “Which of the following Nationwide-only drivers has the best chance of winning the title since 2005: Justin Allgaier or Steve Wallace?

Allow me to interpret. What they’re asking is, if a Nationwide-only driver is going to capture the Nationwide title for the first time since 2005(it was won by a Cup driver in ’06, ’07, ’08, and ’09), which driver has the best chance of doing it.

Why Steve Wallace was included as a possible choice, I don’t know. And why 13% of those who have voted so far selected him, I don’t know. But there are 5 other perfectly capable Nationwide drivers who I believe have a better shot at winning the title than Wallace(actually, I believe most of them have a better shot, but I don’t have all day).

1. Justin Allgaier: The obvious answer. Allgaier already has a win under his belt this season, and he hasn’t finished outside the top 10 yet this season. He’s got confidence, talent, as well as momentum. He’s my pick to win it all.

2. Brian Scott: The Nationwide rookie at least has a NASCAR win(Trucks, Dover June 2009). Besides that, he’s got good equipment from Braun Racing, and solid veteran teammates in Brian Vickers, Jason Leffler, and Kasey Kahne.

3. Jason Leffler: The most consistent Nationwide-only driver in recent memory. When considering which Nationwide-only driver has the best shot at winning the title, you’ve got to throw in the guy who’s always in the mix.

4. Trevor Bayne: He’s inexperienced, but he’s got more potential and talent in his pinky toe than Wallace could ever dream of. By the way, the kid’s fast, too.

5. John Wes Townley: Some might consider this the pinnacle of insults, but I believe Townley has a better chance of winning the title than Wallace. Why? Because Townley’s head is in the right place(most of the time), and it can fit inside a helmet. Besides that, his name doesn’t start with an “S” and end with a “teve Wallace”.

Add your own Nationwide driver to the Comment section below, or defend Wallace(if you dare).

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