Jeff Gordon Fans, Please Stop Whining

42 drivers failed to win Monday’s race at Martinsville Speedway. Some due to mechanical failures, others due to tire problems, and several more due to accidents.

But if you ask Jeff Gordon fans, their driver was the real victim in Martinsville, Virginia.

Gordon fans have flooded forums and message boards cursing the world over their driver’s misfortune. Gordon lost the race fair and square, just like the other 41 drivers who missed out on going to Victory Lane. However, his fans don’t see things that way, and they blame two parties for their driver’s loss.

The first, is NASCAR. Gordon was leading as the field prepared to take the white flag, but behind them, Kyle Busch spun out in turn 3. While Gordon was 100 feet from the start/finish line, the caution flag was thrown. Instead of winning right then and there, Gordon had to attempt to hold the field off for two more laps. He couldn’t do it.

The Gordon faithful cries because they believe NASCAR messed over their driver. When I say “messed over”, I mean they didn’t wait for him to cross over the line and then throw the yellow flag, which would have essentially handed the race to him. I guess I can see that. I mean, I get mad every week when NASCAR doesn’t hand the win to my driver, as I’m sure you do to(unless, of course, your favorite driver happens to be Jimmie Johnson).

The second, is Matt Kenseth. Driver #17 dared to pull the ol’ bump-and-run maneuver on Gordon going into turn 1 just after the restart.  The move, they say, “cost” Gordon the race, and relegated him to a third-place finish.

For one thing, it’s not like Gordon couldn’t fight back on the outside. At least, not until he hooked Kenseth up into the turn 3 wall intentionally(his words, not mine). After he did that, his race was blown.

For another thing, it’s not like Gordon has never done something similar to anybody else. Rusty Wallace, 2002 Sharpie 500; Kenseth himself, 2006 USG Sheetrock 400. Heck, Gordon put the fender to several other drivers all day on Monday(Kurt Busch, anyone?). It appears to me that Gordon’s fans don’t mind when their driver dishes it out. They just don’t like when he takes it.

Jeff Gordon fans, sometimes the dragon wins. It’s not always going to go your way. As much as you may not like it when NASCAR doesn’t hand your driver the race, or when other drivers bump your driver out of the way(especially on a short track), that’s just racing. Heck, sometimes it’s just life. You may not like it, but sometimes you’ve gotta just suck it up and deal with it.

Jeff Gordon fans, please stop whining.

Thank you.

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