Jeff Gordon Fans, Please Stop Whining

42 drivers failed to win Monday’s race at Martinsville Speedway. Some due to mechanical failures, others due to tire problems, and several more due to accidents.

But if you ask Jeff Gordon fans, their driver was the real victim in Martinsville, Virginia.

Gordon fans have flooded forums and message boards cursing the world over their driver’s misfortune. Gordon lost the race fair and square, just like the other 41 drivers who missed out on going to Victory Lane. However, his fans don’t see things that way, and they blame two parties for their driver’s loss.

The first, is NASCAR. Gordon was leading as the field prepared to take the white flag, but behind them, Kyle Busch spun out in turn 3. While Gordon was 100 feet from the start/finish line, the caution flag was thrown. Instead of winning right then and there, Gordon had to attempt to hold the field off for two more laps. He couldn’t do it.

The Gordon faithful cries because they believe NASCAR messed over their driver. When I say “messed over”, I mean they didn’t wait for him to cross over the line and then throw the yellow flag, which would have essentially handed the race to him. I guess I can see that. I mean, I get mad every week when NASCAR doesn’t hand the win to my driver, as I’m sure you do to(unless, of course, your favorite driver happens to be Jimmie Johnson).

The second, is Matt Kenseth. Driver #17 dared to pull the ol’ bump-and-run maneuver on Gordon going into turn 1 just after the restart.  The move, they say, “cost” Gordon the race, and relegated him to a third-place finish.

For one thing, it’s not like Gordon couldn’t fight back on the outside. At least, not until he hooked Kenseth up into the turn 3 wall intentionally(his words, not mine). After he did that, his race was blown.

For another thing, it’s not like Gordon has never done something similar to anybody else. Rusty Wallace, 2002 Sharpie 500; Kenseth himself, 2006 USG Sheetrock 400. Heck, Gordon put the fender to several other drivers all day on Monday(Kurt Busch, anyone?). It appears to me that Gordon’s fans don’t mind when their driver dishes it out. They just don’t like when he takes it.

Jeff Gordon fans, sometimes the dragon wins. It’s not always going to go your way. As much as you may not like it when NASCAR doesn’t hand your driver the race, or when other drivers bump your driver out of the way(especially on a short track), that’s just racing. Heck, sometimes it’s just life. You may not like it, but sometimes you’ve gotta just suck it up and deal with it.

Jeff Gordon fans, please stop whining.

Thank you.

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  • DG

    Have to wonder if this story would’ve been written at all if it had been Junior that was 90ft from victory when NA$CAR made that call, or if they would have even thrown the yellow at all. Let’s face it; ratings are down, seats are empty every weekend and they’ve all but lost their core fans. Why not throw a yellow at the drop of a hat to get a couple more exciting laps out of the whole deal? If they make the fans Monday sick-day count, surely they’ll start attending more, or watching more on TV! They make up the rules as they go every week anyway, and this week was no different. Unfortunately that ain’t racin’, that’s ratings. And it’s true, you win some, you lose some, and sometimes you just plain get hosed. On to Phoenix! Wonder what rules they’ll play by there….


    GORDEN SAYS YOU CAN KISS MY TAIL YOU LITTLE JERK. (edited for inappropriate content)



  • Ben Montedonico

    Vulgar language will not be tolerated on my Comment Wall. If you use such language any more, your comments will be deleted.

    • Jack

      With your last name you must be a foreigner. Please go home, you obviously don’t have a clue.

  • HuH

    I agree with the fans about NASCAR. For the last 2 years they have thrown cautions at will, needed or not. They should be able to race back to the line again. And kiss off… i`ll whine if I want to!!!

  • Angie

    Or in other words, sometimes you are the windshield and sometimes you are the bug.

  • Barbara

    Ben, i take it you are one of the Jeff Gordon haters. I love the way you single out Jeff fans and tell them to stop whining, who died and said you were boss, we have our opinions and if you dont like it close your ears. You wouldnt be saying anything if it was any other driver, get a life

  • Brian from Indiana

    I’m not a big fan of Toyota, but I was darn sure glad a Hendrick car did not win. Hendrick dominance has DESTROYED Cup racing. Gordon is a whiner thru and thru and thinks people are blind to his two-faced demeanor. When the Ford camp, Dodge camp and Toyota camp starts pulling away with win, NASCAR clips their wings and brings them back in line. But when Chevy wins, NASCAR just lets it go forever until the other camps catch up, start winning and clips their wings again. Note to NASCAR: Not all of us are fans of Chevy (Government Motors.) Must be part of the Socialist adgenda!!! LOL

  • for Realz

    nascar pretty much can control the outcome of any race. they were so inconsistant with throwing the cautions. they were drivers that had blown tires (juan pablo, jaimie mac, and others) and at one time they had a driver facing the other way (elliot sadler) and they didnt throw a caution. So what makes thems want to throw a caution when kyle busch spins? I think they need to have a buffer into the leader taking the white. if the leader is within a certain range of the start/finish line, they need to officialy give the leader the white flag. NASCAR IS WAY TO INCONSISTENT WITH RACES. Jeff has the right to call NASCAR out on that.

  • Ruckus

    That last caution was pretty darn fast given how long if at all it took other cautions to come out in that race. Montoya and Speed incidents drew no caution and Elliot Sadler almost drove head first into the leaders before a caution came out. Then throw into the mix that the guy to bring out the last caution was 11′s team mate and you have something that to me just doesn’t feel quite right. I’m a Tony Stewart fan first and foremost but I generally like both 11 and 24. So I basically don’t care if one wins or the other. But again this just didn’t feel quite right.

  • Gordon Fan

    Last time I checked, I still have the right to express my opinion in this country. You see it your way, I’ll see it my way, but don’t question my right to express my opinion or to tell me to “stop whining.” It sure was disheartening to see Na$car throw the yellow when they had let cars with blown tires limp around the track all day without throwing the caution. I’m starting to believe Tony Stewart’s assertion from a couple of years back that Na$car is like the WWE. Go Jeff!!

  • patsox4life

    Hey Ben not all JG fan whine i for one was happy to see gordon take matt to the marbles and make sure he will not have a decent finish and no im not a kenseth hater far from it but this two have history on short tracks and it is not over. Jeff did had a gret finish not the win but if he had gone for it then logano will had put the bump on him

    SMART MOVE JG no wonder he is 4 time champ and 80+ wins he knows when to hold and when to fold……

  • patsox4life

    and ben hate is not good for the heart learn to be content that JG is and will always be the greatest driver the world knows from the nascar circuit…

    and yeah this comes from a JG fan………….

  • Vycodyn

    JG haters need to quit whining about whining.

    • Ben Montedonico

      Haha, you guys did not even read the article I linked, did you?

  • tazzman

    What about them throwing a caution flag at Bristol. Since they made a big deal out of Johnson never winning there guess what, old Nascar throws a caution (just because of a piece of rubber duct)and who wins? Nascar wanted to make sure he won on that track as well. Gordon, Johnson, and Kyle Busch hater

  • patsox4life

    ben I did read it but you did not made a comment here about JG it was about his fans right?

    so as i stated i’m a JG fan

    and “hate” is a missed word all the time to bash people as you did on us the JG fans comments create debate is up to the person to decide what he/she makes of it and you put us on the “whinny” category

  • merc89sc

    As much as I hate seeing a Toyota win,Denny Hamlim had that race fair and square. He led the most laps and even was able to pass when nobody else. Would you gordon fans really want Jeff to win the race by default? I really admired denny how he came up thru the field and didn’t lose his focus after what would have been a bad call on the part of his crew.

  • eigdaa

    I love it. For years everyone complained that Nascar favored Jeff and threw races to benefit him. Nascar does seem to throw cautions at will – they always have and it used to be in favor of Gordon. I think the real question is yet to come – Jeff admitted after the race that he hit Matt. Kenseth will be back and the next caution will Gordon. Rubbing is racing and pay backs are you know what.

  • merc89sc

    Exactly Eigdaa
    Anyway,if the Hendrick cars keep wining most all the races,its going to look rigged to most people and it will take its toll on race attendance,and home viewership. Its no fun going to a race when you always know the outcome.

  • 24fan

    ben a loser sucks being a 4 time champion with 82 wins and don’t it you want some wine with that cheese

  • patsox4life

    24fan: yes please but make tha a jeff gordon wine :-)

    Merc89sc: if hendrick cars dominate the series is because they work harder at it but besides JJ domination splashes of MM which other hendrick car has won in past 2 years the other 2 combine for 2 wins one is jr. And the other last year at texas JG so i do not see all the hendrick cars winning all the races

    Eigdaa : so you are saying matt will be back to be put on the marbles once again
    And if you can refresh my memory and tell me at least 5 races where the caution gave the win to JG besides pocono his last yellow flag end of race win over newman at pocono

  • notrustnu

    im a gordon fan myself, he in my book is the only one out there to compair to earnhardt and petty. everyone that hates gordon, wait until your racer get shoved out of the way 2 laps to go for the win and see how you like it. and personally nascar has screwed all the drivers enough. for instant gordons team mate/driver. johnson, yeah he is good but not that good. i dont dislike him and not taking away from him but everyone is talking he has 4 in a row (championships) well you can give last years championship to mark martin because he is the one that earned it. gordon, martin and others have been screwed by the new points. gordon would be on the way to become another 7 time champ. and gordon haters, look at the facts, my driver is better than yours. so you can whine now

  • notrustnu

    i correct myself. 2009 johnson would have won. 2008 edwards. 2007 gordon. 2006 johnson. 2005 stewart. 2004 johnson. gordon would have 5 championship in a league of his own going for the 7 to be with the best if it wasnt for nascar. you can look it up. its facts. by the standings before the last ten races of the season to the end of the season. if it was still the good ol winston cup series where racing was racing.

  • merc89sc

    I agree and mark had two championships won at Roush racing and when they deducted 125 points for something that only loses 50 points,thats cost him a title and then again for the same thing another time.
    Now,I am a carl edwards fan and we could say under the old system we could say Gordon and Edwards and Martin would have won it in recent years but then I realized,had the chase not been implemented,teams would have used a more conservative strategy and we honestly don’t know who would have won.
    The most successful drivers are the ones that were with their same crew chief the longest. That was Jimmy and Chad,and tony and zippy before Tony jetted to another team.

  • patsox4life

    “2009 johnson would have won. 2008 edwards. 2007 gordon. 2006 johnson. 2005 stewart. 2004 johnson. gordon would have 5 championship in a league of his own”
    and bill woulda beat alan
    and Sr. woulda beat Jeff

    every driver needs to step up to the 48 challenge

    it is what it is and YES I’M A HUGE JEFF GORDON FAN
    but woulda shoulda does not exist

    let’s move on and hope this is the year he is on a charge to catch the king and Sr. whom previous to JG were the faces of nascar

  • patsox4life


    “I agree and mark had two championships won at Roush racing and when they deducted 125 points for something that only loses 50 points,thats cost him a title and then again for the same thing another time.”

    nascar will never be partial to our drivers when they get screwed JMO

  • tom

    maybe if gordon had focused on winning instead of payback… the outcome would have been different. he got what he wanted most

  • patsox4life

    29. tom Says:

    “maybe if gordon had focused on winning instead of payback… the outcome would have been different. he got what he wanted most”

    yes Tom he made sure Matt will not win did you hear his interview?? so he did got what he wanted the most after been hit from the back

  • chiefs58

    you know every other driver would have been mad im a gordon fan but we all know nascar makes different decisions all the time like the spoiler back now cuz the car of tommorow didnt work why cant nascar just sit back and enjoy the race. their involvement when the race starts has helped jimmy johnson and non race fans who tune in are tired of seeing him win. lets let the drivers race again every race and let the last 10 just be a race let the chase go

  • 07071966

    NASCAR did the right thing in throwing the yellow as fast as they did and trying to finish the race under green. If Gordon was 100 feet away from the finish line when the yellow came out, oh well, guess he should have drove faster.

    For you Gordon whiners (notrustnu) who make comments like “Wait until your driver gets shoved out of the way and see how you like it.” – BOO friggin HOO.

    Almost every driver has been shoved out of the way at some point in their career. And Gordon has been the one to do the shoving a time or two himself. It’s racing so quit whining and get over it already.

  • merc89sc

    Even if JJ alone keeps winning the championship and most of races,its going to hurt Nascar because people are going to think the sport is designed to favor one team. Even if that isn’t the case,people are going to start saying,why should I pay big bucks to watch 43 cars go around in a circle for 4 hours when we already know the outcome? Thats going to take its toll. I was huge Pittsburg Steeler fan in the late 70s,but you know,I all sudden got sick of them because they were winning all the time and it got to be no fun to watch anymore. The fun of watching them became monotonous.

  • Eddie Ray

    Whoever wrote this article is a idiot. For years we listen to Earnhardt jr. fans whine we dont see you write about that. Besides fans have a right to complain we buy the tickets hats shirts and other stuff they sell. To tell fans to stop is so stupid you should stop writing.

  • Frederico Mustachio

    Ben, babe, all I can say is you have one hell of a funny last name and banana cheese soup isn’t all that great.

    See, incoherent babbling to match yours.

  • Dan

    So Jeff bumps matt, and matt spins him at bristol and Jeff is angry. Matt bumps Jeff and Jeff is angry and takes Matt out. The hypocrisy is nothing I haven’t learned to hate from Jeff since he entered. He’ll get his, and then he’ll whine and cry some more like he always has. It must be tough not being the golden boy of nascar anymore. And nascar certainly has given him his share of yellow flag wins over the years. For anyone who thinks he should have more championships under the old rules, what makes you think the eventual winners wouldn’t have raced differentely? Too bad the Rusty’s and Ricky’s aren’t still around to punt Gordon when his head was too big.

  • alpinedigital

    Ben Montedonico, if you are NOT a hater, then you just come off as being a fool to think you can dictate whether or not somebody should express their opinion.

    As a fan of the 24/48, I was happy to see Jeff get a good finish out of it. I strongly disagree with how the final laps played out but what’s done is done. For me, the best story was seeing Logano come get a good taste of that top 5. Hamlin and Gordon finished well for the strength of their cars. The 17 and 18 choked as I predicted. Nascar got their GWC and although it robbed Gordon of his win, it all but proves NASCAR will adjust their methods for ratings at any point they chose, and that is indeed something we should be upset about. They should show more integrity which is what the fans like me want more than cheap tricks to get more exciting finishes.

  • Dan

    Daytona 1997, Bristol 1996, Talledega 2004, Talledega 2007, Pocono 2007 were all races Jeff won under caution. He also won the first Daytona night race under caution. Stop whining, you win some and lose some by the way the caution flag flies. There were numerous times a phantom caution would fly just before he was to be lapped, just like it happens with jr. And the 17 didn’t choke, he got spun. Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll hear Jeff whining about it too when he gets it back. Jeff will really start whining if his protege wins a fifth title and he can’t. lol.

  • Eddie Ray


  • Big Al

    Ever heard of PAYBACKS ????

  • larry brown

    well you see the fans are just like gordon if they cant whine they are not happy and him and johnson ,if they cant cheat they cant wimlook at phoenix

  • http://Fansided JP-4

    Hate what you will about JG- He’s still the best of the best since Earnhardt Sr., and nothing but nothing can change that!

  • http://Fansided JP-4

    Hate what you will about JG- He’s still the best of the best since Earnhardt Sr., and nothing but nothing can change that! Oh yea, reality bites, don’t it?

  • Margie

    Opinions are like assholes we all have one!!!!!

  • Debbie513

    You are obviously not a JG fan and we are not whining, just passionate about our driver and the overuse of the GWC finish. We aren’t whining about the “have at it” between Jeff and Matt. They took care of that on the track. Don’t think for a minute if it were any other driver, their fans would be just as “rabid”. So stop whining about us whiners and just let the fans let off some steam after a race where silly rules dictate finishes instead of just letting them race it out to the finish.

  • #1 JG Fan

    Up Front, I’m a HUGE #24 JG Fan. However, on that race, NASCAR was very inconsistant with the yellow flag. That point has TO BE agreed upon. For the other JG fans, sure, it SUCKS when our guy doesn’t finish 1st, however, lets not act like spoiled brats. We’ll save that for the Dale Jr. fans. (most popular driver) but can’t drive to save his career) What was Mr. Hendrick thinking when he signed Jr.?? JG fans keep your chins up, our guy will be OKAY!!!

  • JK

    wow im glad someone finely said what i think all the time.
    Jeff doesnt ever get in trouble for some of the crap he pulls of bumping and running but listen to the whining when it happens to him. I just dont like his King attitude….sorry.

  • JS

    Yes im a Jeff Gordon Fan. However at Martinsville im still trying to figure why the caution came out which allowed Gordon the lead and Hamlin pitted along with the 18. That entire day; cars were into the wall and no cautions were thrown. Even I was a bit skeptical at that one. Yes it helped my driver but it wasnt consistant with what had gone on that race day. Yes the 17 booted the 24 just like he has done before, and Yes the 24 retaliated, it happens all the time and will continue. Has for Phoenix that was nobodys fault but Jeffs and he admitted has much. He is human and makes mistakes. Sometimes he is just like the others and is lucky. So has you can tell not all of us whine when our driver doesnt win. GO 24, lets rattle of some wins in a row ,and get back to we once were..

  • MasterGabe

    Have you ever heard about the golden rule? Correct: Jeff Gave Rusty the bump n’ run at bristol. But, Remember Rusty wrecked Jeff going for the win with 2 laps to go at Richmond in 1997 or 1998. Correct: Jeff Bumped Matt at Chicagoland. But, Matt Spun Jeff at Bristol earlier in the same year. Jeff wont push you if you don’t push him. Or if you consistently block him. And When Juan blew a tire out howcome there was no caution? It Makes no sense.

  • Gordon fan

    Stop Whining??? How about Jeff Gordon haters STOP HATING for a flippin change?! First of all at the Martinsville race, when the late race caution came out, all I saw on message boards was WHINING of how THIS race was a gift handed to Jeff Gordon but obviously it was his race to lose. And he did lose the race, I can reluctantly accept that but if it was YOUR driver, you would feel like he was cheated somehow especially with alot of Nascar official calls in the past year or two alone! So put the shoe on the other foot, or possibly in your own mouth, and open your eyes to the whole picture. If the golden boy, Johnson, had been running out front like Gordon was, you KNOW that that caution would NOT have been called. It has happened in past races.

    Oh, and just a note of how the Haters like to say how Gordon “sucks”; yeah, right, a 4 time Cup champion–they really do SUCK. Suppose they are also referring to other multiple Cup champs like Richard Petty, including the current one, Jimmie Johnson. So get off YOUR soapbox and stop the HATE!!!

  • Mark

    First of all, if it had been Junior in that position, NASCAR would have done everything they could to “hand him a win” and he still would not have been able to get it. As for your comment about wins being handed to Jimmie Johnson, they are not “handed to him”… he earns them. You sound like another jealous fan because your favorite driver doesn’t have the skills needed to seal the deal!

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