AJ Allmendinger Wins Inaugural Easter Egg Dash 300

There was no NASCAR Sprint Cup Series event this weekend. So I decided to host my own race.

The race was a 60-foot(about 300 egg-length) egg roll down a hill outside my house. The night before Easter, I painted up 8 eggs to look (somewhat) like NASCAR stock cars. I’m no artist when it comes to painting, so the “cars” were, by no means, a professional job. But they sufficed.

Now sure, the low-profile event may seem quirky or even lame, but it was fun as heck to watch and put . I have the video linked below. Pardon me if it’s a little shaky, as it was not only a low-budget production, but also my announcing/event coordinating/producing debut.


Inaugural Easter Egg Dash 300

I messed up the results on the video just a bit, as Earnhardt Jr. actually finished ahead of Logano. And at first I declared Patrick the winner, and then realized that she had only gotten to the finish line; not actually across it.

So, your official results:

1. AJ Allmendinger ~ Teal

2. Dale Earnhardt Jr. ~ Pink

3. Joey Logano ~ Orange

4. Kasey Kahne ~ Red

5. Matt Kenseth ~ Purple

6. Danica Patrick(DNF) ~ Green

7. Kyle Busch(DNF) ~ Yellow

8. Jimmie Johnson(DNF) ~ Blue

Let me know what you think!!!

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