"Cute Little Birdie" Attacks Talladega Superspeedway

Bike beats human. Car beats bike. Bird beats cars?

Friday’s NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Happy Hour practice for the Aaron’s 499 at Talladega was red-flagged for just over 5 minutes for what was reported to be “debris in turn 1.”

The debris was a “cute little birdie” that found his way onto the 2.66-mile racing surface, sitting at the top of the embankment in Talladega’s first turn.

The bird evaded NASCAR officials for roughly a minute. He hopped away from one, then tumbled down the embankment to the clean-up truck, where he was taken safely out of harm’s way by another official.

The bird appeared unable to fly, so how he managed to make his way to the top of the track is beyond me, especially seeing how much he struggled with the steep banking on his way back down.

But however he ended up there, you have to admit that it is just a wee bit funny that a bird, no bigger than the size of one’s hand, was able to halt a NASCAR practice session, and hold 45 cars on pit road for 5 minutes.

Jeff Burton posted the fastest time in the Happy Hour session.

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