So Danica Patrick, How's That Indycar Thing Working For Ya?

Indycar diva Danica Patrick made it a goal of hers to be competitive in NASCAR, America’s No. 1 spectator sport. The problem: She didn’t want to fully commit to it.

Instead, Patrick wanted to focus on the Indycar series, which she has stolen the spotlight of, but has never really had the success of most of the other drivers in the series.

So how is that Indycar thing working out for Danica this year? Not too well.

After 5 races, Patrick sits 16th in the standings, with just 1 top 10. She has no wins, and no top 5s.

Now, this may not sound significant to you if you’re a NASCAR fan. In NASCAR, you have 43 drivers racing in every race and a total of 36 races on the schedule. So 16th after 5 races may not sound that bad, right?

Well, actually it is. In the IRL, only 23 drivers have participated in every race this year. That’s roughly half of a Sprint Cup Series field. If you do the math, you figure that in NASCAR, Patrick would fall in somewhere around 30th or 32nd in the standings.

Now, if only 5 races have passed, you figure she has time to make that up, right? Well, again, in the IRL, the schedule is half the length of the Sprint Cup Series schedule, at merely 18 races. So again, do the math. 5 races in the IRL is equivalent to 10 races in Sprint Cup.

So for you NASCAR fans, when you convert IRL terms to NASCAR terms, you can figure that Danica Patrick sits 32nd in the standings after 10 races.

Now think about this. During that time, Patrick could have been honing her NASCAR skills and attempting to reach her goal of making it in NASCAR, instead of piddling around in the IRL and being that series’ equivalent to Travis Kvapil.

Danica, you wouldn’t fully commit to NASCAR this year. So I have to ask, how’s that Indycar thing working for ya?

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