So Danica Patrick, How's That Indycar Thing Working For Ya?

Indycar diva Danica Patrick made it a goal of hers to be competitive in NASCAR, America’s No. 1 spectator sport. The problem: She didn’t want to fully commit to it.

Instead, Patrick wanted to focus on the Indycar series, which she has stolen the spotlight of, but has never really had the success of most of the other drivers in the series.

So how is that Indycar thing working out for Danica this year? Not too well.

After 5 races, Patrick sits 16th in the standings, with just 1 top 10. She has no wins, and no top 5s.

Now, this may not sound significant to you if you’re a NASCAR fan. In NASCAR, you have 43 drivers racing in every race and a total of 36 races on the schedule. So 16th after 5 races may not sound that bad, right?

Well, actually it is. In the IRL, only 23 drivers have participated in every race this year. That’s roughly half of a Sprint Cup Series field. If you do the math, you figure that in NASCAR, Patrick would fall in somewhere around 30th or 32nd in the standings.

Now, if only 5 races have passed, you figure she has time to make that up, right? Well, again, in the IRL, the schedule is half the length of the Sprint Cup Series schedule, at merely 18 races. So again, do the math. 5 races in the IRL is equivalent to 10 races in Sprint Cup.

So for you NASCAR fans, when you convert IRL terms to NASCAR terms, you can figure that Danica Patrick sits 32nd in the standings after 10 races.

Now think about this. During that time, Patrick could have been honing her NASCAR skills and attempting to reach her goal of making it in NASCAR, instead of piddling around in the IRL and being that series’ equivalent to Travis Kvapil.

Danica, you wouldn’t fully commit to NASCAR this year. So I have to ask, how’s that Indycar thing working for ya?

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  • Tony Osborne

    Maybe the fact that her car is totally lousy and so poor at handling is the main contribution to her poor start.
    Then we have the fact that her strategist admits he don’t really know her enough to be of much help.
    This is the same guy who kept her out on slicks in torrential rain at Brazil, causing her to spin, and also had her on a 3 stop at Long Beach which is pointless there.
    On Saturday the car was so poor that when she pitted one tyre was down to the canvas on one side, that’s totally unnacceptable as a blow out at 200mph could have been fatal.
    You don’t get to finish 5th in the points and get a 3rd in the 500 in 2009 by being below par so maybe
    a certain Mr Andretti ought to have done some thinking before he abandoned her as together with him last year she was the top none Penske/Ganassi driver.

    • Al Aldecoa

      Hey Tony, your admiration is nothing short of obsession regarding your love for Danika. Please allow yourself to think clearly and see it for what it really is. She’s not that good and more than likely never will be. Danika drives from the middle of the field and waits for everyone else to crash or run low on fuel in order to move up. She also counts on yellow flags in order to make up time loss while actually racing.

      She races for one of the best teams in Indy Racing and benefits from all of its resources and yet does not improve. Try letting of of the other drivers and give them the same resources and see what happens. My biggest gripe with Danika is that she acts like a little spoiled child and blames everyone else for her flaws. She ought to man up or get out.

      • Tony Osborne

        Ha ha, come on Al. I’m just a fan.
        Stating my opinion is hardly an obsession and certainly not love.
        I live in England and I’m the same about my favourite soccer team (Arsenal)
        I must say that I don’t know who you’ve been watching but last season I saw Danica pass plenty of other cars and even more in the Arca race.
        As for the spoiled child bit, well that stopped at the end of the ’08 season when by her own admission she decided to lessen her anger and channel it into her racing.
        We all have opinions and this is just mine my friend.

  • steven

    Daica is all sizzle and no steak. The time has come for the average fan to realize that she is simply a mediocre driver in Indycar with NO future in Nascar.

  • Todd

    If you new racing, you would know stats are not all the doing of the driver. It would be like blaming all the ills of a football team on the quarterback. Unfortunately, in racing the driver takes all the hits for the team, win or lose. To win in racing, you have to be prepared with set-up, pit crew, stategist, spotters, driver, luck and the money to pull it all together. In other team sports at the top levels, it is a similar situation. If any part of the team is not complete on any given day, their chance of winning are weakened, then throw in luck.

    If you would watch the races you would know it is not always the driver. Saturday was a good example in Danica’s case. That woman passed a lot of cars in the second half of the race, once they put a more decent car under her.

    Good calls Tony!

  • Tony Osborne

    Thanks Todd. Sexist Steven can’t even spell her name properly so why he comments I don’t know.
    Looking at Stock Cars, in the Arca race she was brilliant.
    In her two Nationwide crashes she wasn’t to blame at all and her slow pace during the second race was due to the fact that the car was not handling at all and it was pointless risking a wreck by pushing too hard.
    I hope she has lots of success in Nascar as all the other drivers seem to have welcomed her and the money she takes to the series is a big plus.

  • Brandon Butler

    I don’t think Danica is going to do much in the IRL. NASCAR, she might. She needs to just go back to NASCAR, run races, and learn the tools of the trade. She would be better off in NASCAR than the IRL.

  • patsox4life

    she can’t turn rigth and therefore sucks on road courses and now on ovals she is getting lapped.
    What now Whanica?? maybe hold the entire field a lap or two so you can have a decent finish………

  • patsox4life

    Tony: so now is michael’s fault that she is dong so poorly but last year it was all Whanica’s on the wheel????? not IMO

    if the car sucks some of it is the driver not giving proper feedback. I’m not saying she doesn’t but she needs to work on road courses, Andretti is the top 3 in owners and cars on the IRL……….. even john andretti who is running a partial 2 race schedule did better than she did and i’m not watching the races as versus was taken down by direct tv but do follow the series whenever i can.

    • Tony Osborne

      Last year she had a good car and proved it by her 5th place in the points. It was not as good as the Ganassi/Penskes but she was still the best of the rest.
      This year? Well how can a good car manage to take one side of a tyre down to the canvas?
      In Nascar Tony Jr says her feedback is superb so in my opinion something is wrong within the team, if not why all the changes?
      I know she isn’t the best out there but I still have a lot of respect for her as she’s a long way from being the worst.

  • nascarfan

    holy smokes, reading all the comments has been a revelation for me…Danica is actually Dale Jr!!!! Blame the equipment while the driver is the real blame.

  • Jim

    I believe that the financial success has contributed to the performance of Danika as it has with her Good Buddy, JR Earnhardt. When they were Hungry, they had shown a lot of promise on the track.Now that they both have a belly full, they are pre occupied with business ventures and the money they are earning OFF the track. I respect both, but what appears to be an overwelming life changing experience is showing in their performance and always seem to be able to blame someone else. There are many people who cannot deal with their popularity and a very little private life.
    Its not the Crew, not the Car and not the other Drivers, its them alone just overwelmed.

  • Andy Bernstein

    Best do the math again Ben, the Izod IndyCar Series schedule is 17 races.

    If Danica doesn’t make a big splash at Indy, it would be a wiser move for IMG to start looking at buying out the contract with Andretti Autosports.

    At this point, the peak of her popularity in IndyCar is gone. Patrick is going to get waxed on road course events later this season by a young female rookie named Simona De Sivestro.

    Simona is in inferior equipment and already runs head to head with Danica this season. Kinda cute, very charming personality, appreciated for her talent enough to have been offered a test in Formula 1.

    Danica should go to Nationwide in June and stay there.


  • xcomic

    Mediocre in both series, what a shocker. Crappy IRL driver, crappy NASCAR driver…but then again I should probably be more forgiving about NASCAR, she doesn’t have that much experience. But this is an experiment that’s destined to fail. Give a promising truck or ARCA driver a chance to move up.

    • Mitch Selby

      But………. has the finest a** in racing.

  • Big Al

    The racing forum has been so much more enlightening since you went back to the open wheel circuit, Danica….where you have been put in your place by your equals or subordinates…. Maybe you have a home in open wheels….. Definitely not stock cars……

  • Loren

    Alright Danica, you and I both know you are very capable of winning in any series you race. There were times I didn’t think your boss was doing his best( Mike) either. You are young and have a little bit of time to prove us both right, so get out there and do it girl. You certainly won’t regret the experience, shoots, I was never in your class, ( only dirt tracks and jalopies) but I will never forget the trip. GO FOR IT DANICA.. you are winner material……..loren

  • TheRedHotPiper

    If Danica does not have the skills to compete against the mediocre talent and limited fields in the IRL; what skills does she have to hone to be competitive in NASCAR? The reality is that Danica Mania is actually Danica Dementia. She is an overhyped medocrity in the IRL and would be an overhyped nonentity in NASCAR

  • Rick Nelson

    You people and your crap are synonomous with gimme a beer, and shut up. The car sucks continoually with no relief, her crew sets her up to be ridiculed cause they consider themselves to be in the wrong camp and think they could do better in another man’s camp. With no real support the car will kill you no matter what you do if the car won’t turn right cause the tires aren’t round is not the drivers fault except she ain’t got up thier ass about it like I do when my support scews me I fire people quick GET OFF MY SHIP

  • Corey

    So lets make a wild guess here. If DP were butt ugly and did not have a tight butt would she even be relevant by her driving performance? Come on guys, answer that question honestly and what do you come up with?

    My answer. No pretty face and no tight butt means a nobody in racing period.

  • Corey

    so I am confused…on this blog one cannot state that the only reason DP is relevant is because she is not ugly? if oyu go by racing performance she is a waste of blogs and stories, but if you go by appearance well then she is relevant, right? I guess I can expect for this to get deleted too as who really wants to admit the truth right?

    • Ben Montedonico

      Corey, nobody deleted your posts bud. They’re both still on here.

  • Larry King

    It is time to grow up and do the right thing. NASCAR

  • Tom Williams

    you are putting Danicas skills down. you should compare her to Max Papas look at all the success he HAD and the problems hes having.Im a fan of his and I figure he will get it together.So will DANICA

  • lee

    danica patrick is about 1/10th the race car driver as travis Kvapil.
    He has won a championship in the Truck Series. Shes won what????

    • Todd

      Interesting, she has raced four races in a stock car, all at upper levels. She looks to be catching on quite quickly at understanding the car, considering her seat time in this new venue of racing.

      Not to take away from Travis’ abilities or the quality of his current team, he is racing the same venue bumped up a notch.