Jimmie Johnson Part of First "Double-u Tee Eff" Moment of 2010

The first “Are you kidding me” or “Double-u Tee Eff” moment of 2010 has happened, and Jimmie Johnson is a part of it.

In fact, he pretty much is it.

Jimmie Johnson was given the first-quarter “Driver of the Year” award for his performance thus far in 2010. The award is not just available to NASCAR drivers, but to drivers of every racing series all over the world.

Johnson beat out Indycar stand-out Will Power, NHRA beast John Force, and fellow NASCAR driver Denny Hamlin. Now let’s compare these drivers for just a moment, and you’ll see why J.J. maybe shouldn’t have even made the top 3.

This is where the “Double-u Tee Eff” part comes in.

Johnson has won 3 of the first 10 races in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, but he doesn’t even lead the point standings. That honor belongs to Kevin Harvick, who wasn’t even considered for first-quarter DoTY honors.

Power has won 2 of the first 5 IRL races to start off the season and, unlike Johnson, leads his series standings by 26 points over second-place Scott Dixon.

Force is 61 years old and won 3 of the first 7 races in Funny Car this year. He hasn’t placed outside the top 5 overall in an event all year and, also unlike Johnson, leads his series standings by a whopping 151 points over second-place Matt Hagan.

Hamlin sits behind Johnson in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series standings, and he also has less wins. But Hamlin has been racing on a bum knee all year long and has performed almost as well, which should have, for all intents and purposes, given him a handicap over Johnson.

But despite the brilliant 2010 resumes of these drivers, and other drivers not even considered, the media decided to hand the award to Johnson in what had to be a popularity contest. When a guy wins an award for being the best race car driver in the world for the first quarter of the year and doesn’t even lead his series standings, there’s only one thing to say.

Double-u Tee Eff?!?

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