Clint Bowyer Should Be Suspended For Sunday’s Cup Race At Dover

If there’s such a thing as fairness, Clint Bowyer will be suspended for Sunday’s NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race at Dover.

Bowyer and Denny Hamlin got together in a late-race accident that ended with Bowyer’s car and several others torn to pieces. Bowyer retaliated under caution, as you will see below:

Why should Bowyer be suspended for Sunday’s Cup race? Because Robby Gordon got the same penalty for doing this three years ago after he was spun by Marcos Ambrose:

So what’s the difference between Bowyer’s actions and Gordon’s actions? In my opinion, not enough for them to receive two different penalties.

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  • Karen

    This is so wrong! What did Carl Edwards get for sending Kaslowski in the air? A three race probation. Oh brother, talk about favoritism.

  • Joe

    Clint Bowyer should have turned a little sharper and really the Hamlin into the wall !

  • Tyler

    Listen, this is racing. The gloves are off. I love it. There should be no suspension, none. These are two of my favorite drivers mixing it up on the track. What’s better than that people? Rivalries in Nascar is what helps make it such a fan-sport. I hope this boils over into the cup race today and on to the All-Star Race. The boys are getting back to the old-school roots, because they know Nascar will let them. This sport is starting to turn a corner, and it’s making each race more and more enjoyable to watch.

    When I was at the Southern 500 last weekend, you should have heard the crowd cheering for ‘The Dinger’ when he took out 4-time. This is what racing is all about folks. Letting the drivers get all their aggression out on the track. Love it, love it, love it.

    • Jobie

      Obviously you know very little about NASCAR rules. Hitting another racer on purpose is a HUGE rule breaker simply becuase you can really hurt someone. The creators of NASCAR want every onre to have a fair chance and anyone who allows ther emotinos to get involved when racving should NOT be a driver. This isn’t boxing, dude, and driving in NASCAR has never been about “getting your aggression out”. Have you ever even TRIED to dirve over 100MPH? The only ones who make it are the ones who can keep their cool & focus on getting that car to do what you want, and not crying and playing like a little baby to get revenge. The rules are clear to avoid jerk moves like that. If you honestly think hitting someone else with your car is what NASCAR racing is about, you are obviosly clueless.

      • Tyler

        I know there will be fines. It’s just good to see these guys not being afraid to wear their emotions on their sleeves. For the last 2 years nascar has been in a weird sloggy area where you can tell the drivers are afraid to retaliate when they get pushed. I’ve been watching racing for over twenty years racing for over ten and attending the southern 500 for almost fifteen. I think I more than qualify as someone who know’s what they are talking about. I’m a big fan of the old school style and I’m noticing that, with the new rule changes this year, the younger drivers are starting to let it hang out. People like you are what make the sport boring. “oh we have rules so people don’t get hurt”. yeah, i know. the cars are also 20 times safer and stronger than they were 15 years, heck, even 10 years ago. So before you start making grandiose statements to make your e-peen feel better, make sure you know what you’re talking about as well.

        Cheers :)

    • Kurtis Jackson

      I’m all in favor of “The gloves are off” racing. However, intentionally attempting to force a car into the wall under YELLOW is not racing. It’s childish. If this took place under green, it’s an entirely different situation. Racing is racing. Slamming a guy under yellow is a [sissy] move.

      • Tyler

        I completely agree. The point I am making is that the drivers are getting out of that ‘fear of the trailer’ zone they’ve been brought up in. They’re starting to realize they can race like the old-timers used to. Granted, what Bowyer did was questionable, it also brings a little excitement back to the sport as well. This sport is very safe now and these guys are some of the best drivers in the world. I believe 100% Clint had no intentions of seriously hurting Denny (you’d have to be a(n) idiot to think that). He was letting him know he didn’t appreciate the love tap he got on the restart. Rivalries made Nascar great during the 60′s 70′s 80′s and 90′s. The sport needs more of it. (Edited for content. No cussing please.)

  • Carrie

    Except you forgot the part where Robby also ignored the official call of where he was supposed to re-start the race, then ignored a subsequent black-flag from NASCAR and then he spun Ambrose out who was officially leading the race after Robby had been flagged.

    That and Bowyer’s deal don’t compare AT ALL.

  • Bobbie1231

    Denny didnt get any penalty for clipping Brad while under caution a few years ago. Yesterday Clint got parked for the same action.

    Face it Nascar has their favorites and those will never be penalized like their non-favorites.

    If anything if a Cup driver causes an issue in a NW race, he should be parked from racing in NW races. These true NW drivers are running the risk of being injured while the Cup boys are acting like spoiled children.

  • Kev

    You don’t know what your talking about on the Robby Gordan suspension, He was penalized because he didn’t obey a black flag. What about what Carl Edwards did in Atlanta. What Bowyer did was harmless. Halim deserved to have a car that couldn’t finish the race.

  • thornibus

    I went to a boxing match and a NASCAR race broke out