Brad Keselowski Wrecks, And The Crowd Goes Wild!

NASCAR may have a new most hated driver.

For a few years now, popular belief has said that Kyle Busch is NASCAR’s “bad guy”, and thus, is NASCAR’s most hated driver. But listen to the reaction of the crowd when Brad Keselowski hit the wall in qualifying on Thursday, and tell me that he hasn’t taken Busch’s position:

Now compare that Busch who hit it in front of a packed house last Saturday night in the All-Star race:

Those two reactions sounded pretty close to the same. But remember that Brad’s crash took place in front of only a few people, while Kyle’s took place in front of a few thousand.

They didn’t turn up the mics for this one, but if you listen hard, it sounds like Jimmie Johnson is a close third:

Sounds to me like NASCAR has a new most hated driver. Kyle and Jimmie, you’ve got some work to do.

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