Driver Gauge: Junior No Longer Most Popular Driver

So I was looking around on the other day, and I found something very interesting.

The website has this cool new feature called Driver Gauge, which allows fans to select their top 5 favorite drivers, and submit their votes into the Gauge. Each week, the votes are tallied up, and the top 5 most popular drivers are placed on the list in order of their ranking.

Basically, it’s a “Most Popular Driver” contest, only it’s updated more often than just once a year.

Right now, believe it or not, Dale Earnhardt Jr. is not NASCAR’s Most Popular Driver. At least, according to the Gauge.

Who is? You might be surprised to hear that the honor currently goes to Jeff Gordon. Jimmie Johnson is a surprising second, followed by Mark Martin, Earnhardt Jr., and Kevin Harvick.

Don’t like the list? Go do something about it! Click here.

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