Why Saying AJ Allmendinger Caused Pocono Crash Is Ludicrous

AJ Allmendinger shouldered the blame of causing a massive crash on the final lap of Sunday’s race at Pocono.

Perhaps he did it because he felt pressured. Perhaps he did it because he’s simply a nice guy and truly felt he caused the accident. Either way, AJ should not have taken blame for the crash.

The wreck occurred when Kasey Kahne tried to make a pass on Allmendinger. Allmendinger threw a block, and Kahne took his #9 Ford into the grass. When he did so, he lost control of his car, and spun out in front of half the field, resulting in a massive pile-up that almost sent Kahne’s car over the outside wall.

To say Allmendinger caused the crash, however, is ludicrous.

For starters, Allmendinger was trying to hold his position, which is why he threw a block on Kahne. I can’t even say the two are teammates anymore, since Kahne has already announced his departure from the team will occur at the end of this season.

There’s nothing wrong with blocking, as long as you don’t get wrecked. Kahne had a lot of options, one of which was wrecking Allmendinger; an option he elected not to exercise.

Kahne could have split Allmendinger and the car he was racing, Sam Hornish Jr. He could have backed off and tried the pass again in turn 3, or simply held his 12th-place position.

Kahne also could have stopped moving down the race track when he had two wheels in the grass, instead of sticking all four in the grass; a move that was destined to fail.

But while Kahne had several options, Allmendinger had only two: Block, or don’t block.

What was AJ supposed to do? Let Kahne just go around him? I understand the risk of blocking. Like I said though, the only risk of blocking is getting wrecked; something Allmendinger was clearly ready to do in order to try and hold onto his top 10 spot.

After Allmendinger threw the block, Kahne had the next move. He could have wrecked Allmendinger, but chose not to. Whether or not that’s because he’s a nice guy is irrelevant. Once Allmendinger made his block, the next move was Kahne’s, and he chose to stick all four of his wheels in the grass.

That’s not AJ Allmendinger’s fault, and neither was the crash. To say AJ caused the last-lap crash at Pocono is ludicrous. Clearly, the blame falls on Kahne.

It was his move.

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  • rstt

    Dinger is an idiot. He should be kicked off the team. 9 car was past the commit point and had no choice. Also hard for the 9 car to see the grass coming up at 170mph.

    I bet you have never driven a race car.

    • http://foxsports benpetty43

      I say let Kahne and his crybaby self go. If he is so unhappy at RPM who needs him. He looks and acts like a girl.

  • Jacob

    Have you ever seen Pocono? If you can’t see all that grass, no matter what speed, you need your eyes checked and all of your licenses revoked. Dinger made the right decision by trying to protect his position. Kasey also made the right decision by pushing his car to it’s limits to pick up as many spots as possible. The sad thing is that the whole thing just looks like a result of hard racing, but because we’ve been so softened by NASCAR these past few years, we have to place blame on someone because KK and his following of teenage girls got their feelings hurt over hard racing.

  • http://stockcarspin Earner

    You are not very bright…You do not ever do that to a teamate who’s got a shot @ the show …When your a partime hanging on learning driver…I’d sit him for a race (maybe put Scharder in it for Mich) Jus sayin

  • Jacob

    AJ is in his 4th season, and has been running a full schedule since he got to the big time so calling him part time isn’t very bright on your part. I’m glad AJ threw a block. He was protecting a top 10 spot on the last lap of the race. Moving over for teammates is something they do in F1. Besides, Kasey Kahne can hardly be considered a teammate anymore since he all but left RPM less than 10 events into the year. It didn’t help that he came off as a spoiled little brat claiming he never talks to AJ and now he won’t after this. Well boo-hoo, Kasey. You got raced hard. How dare he try to protect his spot. Like I said in my previous post, NASCAR has softened us up so that when we see someone in a situation like this, it automatically has to be blamed on someone other than just seeing it as two guys really going at it at the end of a race.

  • Michael

    You got to be kidding me. A.J. Allmendinger saw Kasey coming and it’s my opinion he stopped thinking of Kahne being a teamate so he blocked him knowing Kasey would end up in the grass and back on the track which would cause a wreck so severe that nobody would have a chance to pass him. WOW A team that is hurting for money, may lose the Bud sponsership lets destroy one of our own cars. Kasey could have crashed Allmendinger but he did’nt because he is a team player. No wonder Kasey is moving up in the world. Good move Kasey and good luck. If allmendinger drove for me I would fines him too where it would be felt in the wallet for along time.

  • Jeff

    Nice for all you girls to back up Kasey and his big Hollywood sunglasses. Allmendinger is obviously the future for RPM and Kasey Kahne is a soft backstabber who is– in spite of the delusions of the author of a previous post– not going to make “the show.” Kahne has been mired back in the 20′s with the premier equipment for RPM and AJ is hustling and making that 43 look good. And ahead of “Kacee.”

  • Jenny

    Really. AJ is on my hate list right now. AJ did not need to block Kasey. AJ could hold his line and race Kasey to the line instead of blocking him. AJ needs to think before he dose something like blocking your teammate. Kasey could have ran in the back of AJ because Kasey had a run. Glad Kasey is moving to HMS.

  • quinn

    K.K. is just a pretty face, i think every one will be chaseing A.J. before mutch longer.

  • kahnefan



    Greg Biffle, who was caught up in the wreck, said Allmendinger “totally caused that whole thing.”

    “He ran him down on the grass,” Biffle said. “You can’t run a guy down on the grass. You can’t run your teammate down onto the grass. That is horrible. He could have backed out of that before he put him down like that.”


  • http://www.foxsports.com lizzy

    kasey might be just a pretty face, but he isnt just that. hes a good racer, and when he gets mad, some people just love to think he is complaining. lots of girls like him, big deal. he has male fans as well, but hes a competitive racer, and he will be way better off at hendrick than RPM .

  • Dean

    AMEN BROTHER!!! You took the words out of my mouth with this article. I could not have wrote it better. Aj knew when he blocked he risked being wrecked. Kasey chose to put his car in the grass causing himself to wreck his car, and the others that were collected. When I saw him apologize I was thinking what a guy!! At the same time I a thinking why are you apologizing?! You did nothing wrong. Blocking is a part of racing, and to hear Biffle whine about it is ridiculous. I am sure he has blocked a car or two in his own time.

    • Big-D

      I’m surprized that Biff didn’t blame Newman for something. I’m never suprized to hear Biffle whine.

  • PettyFan

    Kahne has always been whiner….it’s never his fault when he has a poor result. It’s the team, his teamates, the car, etc. Laughable when he states looking forward to going to a team where they work together…um Kasey..you been watching the news? Gordon and Johnson have worked so well together. Ha.

    We’ll see what his excuses are next year when he supposedly has the equipment….kind of like Jr.

    Glad Diner ran him down there…its the final laps get over it.

  • Will

    your an idiot… it was all gay jays fault.(edited for content; no cussing please.)

    • http://foxsports benpetty43

      A.J. has a wife, Have never seen Kahne with a woman.

  • hunter

    kahne got just what he deserved, did he think aj was just gonna pull over and let him by? so aj blocked him big deal show me a driver out there that hasn’t blocked someone.AJ sent him a message, maybe if he’s smart he will remember it.GO AJ,hope you finish ahead of that whiny butt in the points

  • KDS

    Good on AJ for holding his ground. Watching that pretty boy get sand in his vag about it was an added bonus. He’s never done any favors for AJ, so why should AJ do any for him? Phuck him.