"Chevy" is About to Become a Bad Word

Don’t tell people you drive a Chevy anymore. Starting today, you officially drive a “Chevrolet”.

According to sources, GM officials sent out a memo to all of their staff members stating that they wanted to do away with the “Chevy” nickname in an attempt to promote consistency in its branding. There is even word that there is a “sort of cuss jar” in the hallway of the Chevrolet headquarters that reads “Chevy”.

I’m not kidding.

While casual use of the word “Chevy” will still be permitted(after all, what can anybody do about people using the improper term of the word “Chevrolet”? Throw them in car jail?), anybody working under the Chevrolet umbrella will reportedly not be allowed to use the word “Chevy”. Or else…

The penalty of anybody in the public eye(or just in the eye of GM officials) using the word “Chevy” has not been announced, but more than likely it will just be a small fee that will be placed in the “Chevy cuss jar”.

Of course, that may just be for a first offense. A second offense may involve a loss of Chevy…er, I mean, Chevrolet sponsorship or backing for athletes, and a loss of job for employees.

Actually, I exaggerate. I honestly don’t know what the penalties will be for saying “Chevy”.

I do know, however, that if the memo is carried out properly, guys like Jeff Gordon will have to change their car dealership websites from names like jeffgordonchevy.com to jeffgordonchevrolet.com. And guys like Dale Earnhardt Jr. will no longer be able to say that they drive a “Chevy”, but rather that they drive a “Chevrolet”. Or else…

I’m really just a tad bit concerned about that last part.

What this means for writers like myself, I have no idea. I, for one, really don’t have the time or money to go to car jail. So I’d better just start saying “Chevrolet”, as opposed to “Chevy”, just to be on the safe side.

Yeah, right.

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