Time For NASCAR To Publish Its Rules?

Just when we thought NASCAR was free-and-clear of controversy, Sunday’s race at Sonoma happened.

Once again, NASCAR’s hypothetical “rule book” is under attack, and one can’t help but wonder if it’s time for the sport to finally publish its rules for all the fans to see.

So fans, I ask you today, is it time for NASCAR to publish it’s rules? I’ll give you the two sides, and you can voice your opinion by commenting or voting on the poll below.

Yes. Other sports allow fans to see the rules, so NASCAR should do the same. It would really help erase a lot of questions and conspiracy theories fans may have about certain drivers. If NASCAR isn’t trying to hide something, then they should prove it to us.

No. Conspiracy theories are fun. NASCAR doesn’t have the drama that other sports have, so by not publishing rules and pretending to hide something, NASCAR creates its own drama and allows fans to talk about that instead of the game-winning touchdown or walk-off home run. Besides, Jimmie Johnson rules.

Should NASCAR publish it's rule book on the internet?

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