Vuvuzelas Banned At New Hampshire Motor Speedway

The vuvuzela is a South African horn which has been heard throughout the World Cup.

If your going to the race this weekend at New Hampshire Motor Speedway, don’t bring one.

NHMS president Jerry Gappens announced this week that the track is banning fans from bringing in the beloved horns, as they are painful to the ears. Unlike race car engines, which are completely silent.

Here’s what Gappens had to say in his statement:

“We love our fans and want everyone to have a great time here during their visit, but I think it is best to leave the vuvuzelas in South Africa at the World Cup. Forget engine noise; these pseudo-instruments are truly painful to the ears!”

I’m glad Gappens finally addressed this problem, seeing as vuvuzelas have been a long-standing issue at NASCAR venues.

If you truly feel you must bring a vuvuzela to the track, however, wait a week. Daytona International Speedway still allows them…at the moment.

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