A Letter To Kurt Busch

Dear Kurt Busch,

As a NASCAR fan, I appreciate that you moved Jimmie Johnson out of the way in an attempt to win Sunday’s race at Loudon. Your move showed that some drivers still have the kahunas to move the untouchables out of the way, and I admire that.

As much as I admired your move, however, I felt that your efforts to win the race were, overall, weak. You see, Jimmie Johnson is a four-time champion, and thus is pretty good. I know that because I have had that fact thrown at me so many times that it hurts to wake up in the morning sometimes from all the bruises.

If you really want to beat the 48 car, as you stated at Bristol in March, you will do better next time. Instead of merely moving him, you will knock him to kingdom come. It won’t be the cleanest move, but Dale Earnhardt wasn’t the cleanest driver, and he got a boat-load of respect for knocking the big guns out of the way.

I hate to say it, but you should be more like your brother. Kyle has never been afraid to rub fenders with anybody, except Jimmie. He’s scared to death to even race him, and you see where it’s gotten him. If you want to win, you’ll have to do one better. You can’t just poke the bear; you have to wrestle him to the ground.

I know you’re trying to earn the nice guy image. But face it, Jimmie will always be the “nice guy”, even when he isn’t being very nice. It’s just the way it is. Nobody likes a pushover, so don’t talk the talk if you can’t walk the walk. Be a good guy off the track, but don’t be afraid to be the bad guy on the track.

Every rivalry needs a bad guy, and every great driver needs a rivalry. Otherwise, he’ll just keep spanking everybody. As I said, Jimmie will always be the good guy, so it’s up to you to be the bad guy. If you want to beat Jimmie, you’re going to have to mess with him. And that will mean starting a rivalry with him and being the bad guy.

It may not be what you want to do. But it may be what you have to do if you ever want to win another championship, or at least if you want to beat the 48 car. You’ll end up with a few more haters, but you will also end up with even more fans, and possibly even another trophy at season’s end.

I know this all sounds bad, Kurt. But if you want to beat the 48 car, you’re going to need to do more than just move him once. You’ll need to knock him to kingdom come a few times, or maybe even take up the “bad boy” role in a rivalry. It’s either that, or you can let him continue to humiliate you, and everybody else.

Hope you’re up to the challenge.



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  • Cancity

    Dear Nascar Fan:

    Wake up and smell the oil on the track, if you want to take out the 48 you have to wake up very early to catch the lug nut before the 48′s garage door opens. May I suggest placing a baby-monitor inside the 48 garage and another one inside the 2 garage…everytime the 48 burps, hiccups, dribbles, or makes any foreign noise record the information on your Iphone. If all else fails bribe a Nascar official in the tech center with a Miller Lite or few. That’s the only way you can catch the 48.

    Chad’s a light sleeper so don’t be too surprised if bribing a security guard who tends to the 48 garage doesn’t work either…Chad always has one eye on the car and the other on his prepared notes which are kept safely behind a concrete wall which is only opened on race day.

    The 48 didn’t earn those 4 Time Consecutive Championship titles by driving around the track on cruise control he earned them by dedicated himself in refining his craft, by learning from his mistakes and respecting his competitors both on and off the track. If the 2 wishes a rematch with the 48 I say bring it on, because where there are clouds on the horizon there is a 48 championship storm heading in your direction.

    Yours respectively
    #48 Athlete of the Year
    a.k.a. 4x Consecutive Champion
    a.k.a. Driver of the Year

  • Laura

    I had a comment but it said I put in the wrong captcha code. When I went back to enter another,as asked to do, my comment was gone. Wasn’t a long one but expecting me to type it out again, is rude in my opinion. The site needs to address the issue, imo.

    • Ben Montedonico

      Hey Laura, at the bottom of the page there is a link that allows you to contact the guys that run the technical part of this website. Just let them know what happened and they’ll make sure it gets fixed. Thanks!

      • Laura

        Thank you, Ben. I sent my message that you replied to, as well as your helpful reply to me.

        • Ben Montedonico

          No problem!

  • Jeff

    Kyle is scared of racing JJ? Ben you are a complete and utter moron.

    • Ben Montedonico

      Yeah, I said it.

      • Jeff

        Kyle is not afraid of anything, least of all Jimmie. Hitting the wall to try and win, pissing off a legion of NASCAR fans; it really does not matter to Kyle. He would honestly wreck his own mother if she got in his way to the checkers. It makes him seem arrogant and like a child sometimes but he will one day sit amongst the elite in the Hall of Fame for his efforts.