10 Reasons Why Atlanta Motor Speedway Should Have 2 Races

Another year, another laundry list of possible NASCAR schedule changes.

Once again, the beloved Atlanta Motor Speedway is on the chopping block, and there’s a good possibility that AMS may be forced to surrender a race to either Kentucky Speedway or Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

However, I believe AMS should be able to retain its two races, and here’s why:

1. AMS has history. Lots of it.

2. Do we really want to take another race from the South?

3. Angry mobs of rednecks would go on a killing spree. Probably.

4. Somebody besides Jimmie Johnson wins there.

5. The racing is just starting to get good there.

6. 31 lead changes in each of the last 2 races there proves thesis #5.

7. Jimmy Carter used to sell tickets there. That’s pretty cool.

8. Atlanta has the World of Coke and the world’s largest aquarium.

9. Atlanta also has the best sports teams. What does Kentucky have? Probably nothing.

10. Except horses.

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