Crew Chief Change Won't Help Sadler

A change has been made atop the #19 pit box.

Todd Parrot is now calling the shots for Elliott Sadler, starting this week at Chicagoland. Parrot and Sadler worked together in 2004 en route to Sadler’s only Chase for the Cup appearance.

Unfortunately, I don’t believe the change atop the pit box will help the #19 team.

Parrot was relieved of his crew chief duties on Matt Kenseth’s #17 team less than a month ago. He was put with Kenseth in February to give the team a bit of a “spark”, and at first it worked. But as time passed, the spark fizzled out, and Kenseth found himself not being very competitive.

Parrot may bring a similar spark to Sadler’s team. But even if he does, it will be very short-lived.

In fact, the only change that may help the #19 team is a change behind the steering wheel.

At one time, Elliott Sadler was pretty good. But now he’s certainly past his prime. In the last 2 years, Sadler has 1 top 5(in the great “Indy Tire Debacle”) and 9 top 10s. That’s about one top 10 every eight races; not very impressive.

Sure, his equipment isn’t top-notch. But when he does drive in the best equipment, his results are similar to that of Ken Schrader and Kelly Bires. Pretty good, but not stunning.

I’m not trying to take away from Parrot. The guy isn’t a bad crew chief, but he’s not a miracle worker. When Parrot was with a good driver, he wasn’t able to keep the positive results rolling for his team. Elliott Sadler is a so-so driver.

You do the math.

A crew chief change definitely can’t hurt Elliott Sadler and the #19 team. But it won’t help them, either.

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