Bob Keselowski: (Carl Edwards) Ain't Gonna Kill My Boy

Bob Keselowski is ready to get the old racing uniform back out.

Following a thrilling finish in the NASCAR Nationwide Series race at Gateway, that had Carl Edwards wrecking Brad Keselowski for the win, the ex-race car driver has had enough of Carl Edwards.

“I’ll get my own (darn) uniform back out because this is ridiculous,” said Keselowski. “He ain’t gonna kill my boy.”

But while Bob is frustrated with Carl, perhaps the first person he should talk to is Brad.

On the final lap, Keselowski dove to the inside of Edwards going into turn 1, washed up the track, and nearly spun Edwards’ #60 car. Keselowski got the advantage in turns 3 and 4, but Edwards was able to get a fender to Keselowski’s quarter-panel coming onto the frontstretch, and hooked him into the outside wall.

What insued was a melee. But it could be argued that Keselowski started it all.

A lot was made out of the incident the two drivers had in Atlanta, where Edwards retaliated on Keselowski and wound up flipping him into the catchfence. Several people believed that Edwards should have been penalized, or even thrown in jail. And several more will probably see things the same way after this weekend.

But what we have to remember is that Edwards has never wrecked Keselowski without being provoked; the Atlanta incident was caused due to a culmination of several previous ordeals between the two drivers. And it’s time for the Keselowski’s to stop playing victim in this rivalry.

It can be argued that this does not fall within the realm of “have at it boys” racing. But if somebody is going to steal something from you, isn’t it your right to take it back?

You can see the video of the incident below. Bob Keselowski’s interview comes at about the 7-minute mark. Brad was not able to be interviewed in the allotted time:

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