Poll: Pick A Side, NASCAR Fans

Whatever happens, it seems that NASCAR can’t get things right. I’ve never had any sympathy for them, however, until now.

During the offseason, NASCAR listened to the demands of the fans, loosened the reins on the drivers, and told them to “have at it, boys.” Since the start of the season, we have seen less of the corporate parades that had littered the sport during the last few years, and an increase in crashes.

The latter part, the fans don’t care for very much.

Perhaps it’s because some drivers go a little farther with the “have at it, boys” mentality than others do. Still, the only way to eliminate the wrecks(some of them intentional), is to do away with that mentality altogether, and let NASCAR tighten the reins again.

So what would you rather see happen in NASCAR? Here are your choices:

3-hour corporate parades: Basically, NASCAR tightens the reins again and tells drivers they can’t do anything. The result is multiple races with little-to-no racing, and Jimmie Johnson winning another 4-straight titles. At least guys won’t be trying to “kill” each other.

Guys wrecking each other: This one’s a little more harsh, but also more unpredictable. It brings safety into question, but at least you get a good show. Plus, you don’t know who will win the title.

So fans, time to choose. Vote using the poll below or voice your full opinion on the comment wall.

Which do you prefer?

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