1-On-1 With Mansfield ARCA Winner Max Gresham

Max Gresham is one of stock car racing’s most talented up-and-coming drivers. And fresh off his first ARCA win, which came on Saturday at Mansfield, Ohio, the future NASCAR superstar was courteous enough to let me interview him on his big win:

Ben: For starters, congrats on your first ARCA win. Now that you’ve had a little time to let it sink in, are your emotions still running high?

Max Gresham: Yeah, the emotions are still running at full speed. It’s a big deal for myself and my team to get our first ARCA win of the season.

Ben: After winning in the ARCA division, do you feel relieved to have made it this far, or does winning in the ARCA division make you even hungrier to compete in a series like Nationwide?

Max Gresham: I am definitely hungry to get my next victory, but being limited by age on when I can move up, I am not over zealous on moving up quite yet.

Ben: How many more times will we get to see you in an ARCA car this year?

Max Gresham: I have three more races in ARCA: Toledo, Berlin, and Rockingham.

Ben: Obviously, you’ve had a lot of success in racing. To whom or what do you attribute that success?

Max Gresham: It has to be how I’ve aged up in the driving world and how I’ve been taught to adapt to new cars and new tracks, but mostly to my parents and grandparents.

Ben: Finally, any words of encouragement for the up-and-coming racers who may be struggling right now or looking for that big break?

Max Gresham: For the up-and-coming drivers, keep working hard and practice on perfecting the skills that it takes to move up, and never give up.

Ben: Thank you very much for your time, Max. Best of luck to you in the future.

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