My Idea For A NASCAR Points System

In case you hadn’t noticed, NASCAR is looking for new ways to spice up the championship chase. Several new and evolutionary ideas are being thrown around; most notable of those is an elimination-style system, which you can read about here.

Most of these ideas are complex and hard to follow. But as you well know, the majority of NASCAR fans like to go along with the “kiss”(keep it simple, stupid) state of mind.

That’s why I’m here to introduce my own evolutionary system; only my version simplifies things quite a bit. But before I can tell you what it is, it’s time for a boring intro!

(Scroll down if you want to skip the boring intro.)

I’m going to speak in money terms here for just a moment. NASCAR points are like currency: You try to accumulate as many as you can, and the more points there are to be thrown around, the less they are worth.

What we have on our hands is points inflation. NASCAR gives out 185 points to the winner of each race, an additional 5 points per lap led, and another 5 points for the most laps led. At the end of any given race, a driver could have earned up to 195 points.

Now that may sound like a lot, and it is. But consider this: 10th place earns 134 points, while 43rd(last) place earns 34 points.

One thing NASCAR wants to do is increase the value of a win. Right now, a win is pretty nice because you get a few points, some money, and a shiny trophy. However, if you win a race one week, and have catastrophic problems the next and wind up 43rd, your win is practically erased.

Why is that? Because in the two weeks that you were out trying to win(succeeding the first time and failing the second), you earned 229 points. Meanwhile, the guy who was putting around back in 10th both weeks earned 268 points; almost 40 more points than you!

So, you see what I mean. We have all these complicated numbers, and in the end, the winner is not handsomely rewarded like he should be. Plus, we have that Chase system that makes the first 26 races practically irrelevant.

So how do we keep things simple? Easy, we give out less points. And here’s how we do it:

First place gets 15 points, second gets 10, third gets 9, fourth gets 8, and so on. If you lead a lap, that’s 1 point, and if you lead the most laps, that’s 3 points. Under this system, a win is really great because 1 win is pretty much equal to 8 10th place finishes, and it would take much longer for its effects to be erased.

Also, under this system, there is no Chase. Every race is equally important.

Here’s a look at the table:

Winner: 15 points

Second: 10 points

Third: 9 points

Fourth: 8 points

Fifth: 7 points

Sixth: 6 points

Seventh: 5 points

Eighth: 4 points

Ninth: 3 points

Tenth: 2 points

11th-15th: 1 point

16th-43rd: 0 points

Lap led: 1 point

Most laps led: 3 additional points

What do you think of this system? Any thoughts?

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