Stock Car Spin Waits On Fine From NASCAR

The following is not true; just a fun play off of this past week’s events involving NASCAR fining drivers for “disparaging remarks” about the sport.

Semi-popular NASCAR blog, Stock Car Spin, is reportedly waiting to see how much it is going to be fined by NASCAR for making “disparaging remarks” about the sport.

Stock Car Spin’s Lead Blogger, Ben Montedonico, has made negative remarks about NASCAR on several occasions this year; the most recent being after this past weekend’s race at Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Ben could only be reached for this comment:

“Of course I made disparaging comments about NASCAR; they had them coming. I’m surprised they’re only fining me for three of them. If they want to keep throwing phantom debris cautions, making up rules, and keeping everything secret, they can expect more disparaging comments. They can fine the life out of me if they want. I only have so much money, but I have an infinite number of comments, and they can expect to keep hearing them.”

SCS is being fined for three disparaging comments. The first is this one that was made about phantom debris cautions following the race last weekend:

 “[I]t was obvious that the [late-race] caution was for the infamous “phantom debris”, and was likely brought out to make the race more interesting, seeing as [Juan] Montoya was running away with the victory.”

Montedonico also made this comment, in which he suggested that NASCAR scripted the Daytona Nationwide race that Dale Earnhardt Jr. won while driving his late father’s famous #3 car:

“It was a script only NASCAR could write.”

The third comment, which NASCAR thought was the most disparaging, suggested that NASCAR’s rules are “hypothetical“:

“Once again [following a controversial race at Sonoma], NASCAR’s hypothetical “rule book” is under attack, and one can’t help but wonder if it’s time for the sport to finally publish its rules for all the fans to see.”

Yes, very disparaging. No, not warranted. Not in the least.

I suppose it was only a matter of time before NASCAR started fining even small publications for disparaging comments, and for good reason. A sport as big as NASCAR shouldn’t have to put up with criticism, warranted or otherwise. Anybody who says anything bad about NASCAR deserves to get fined, even if NASCAR does something ridiculous and stupid.


After all, who needs free speech?

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