Denny Hamlin Talks About His "Disparaging Remarks"...With More Disparaging Remarks

You’ve gotta love Denny Hamlin. He tells it like it is.

Hamlin was recently announced as one of two drivers fined for making “disparaging remarks” about NASCAR. According to sources, Hamlin was fined on two separate occasions; one coming after the Michigan race, and the other coming after Chicagoland.

Hamlin was fined for making comments about phantom debris cautions, as well as potential changes to the Chase.

Now, put yourself in Hamlin’s shoes. You’ve been fined twice this season for speaking your mind, so what do you do next? Do you shake it off and publicly make amends with NASCAR? Do you not say anything at all?

Nope. If you’re Denny Hamlin, you make more disparaging remarks. Here’s what Hamlin had to say regarding his fines:

“There’s been illegal parts in the garage that haven’t gotten penalized like I did.”

He’s taking shots at NASCAR’s inconsistency, while simultaneously stating that teams are getting away with cheating! Finally, some honesty in the NASCAR garage area! You’ve gotta love this guy!

Of course, I’ll be surprised if Denny is emptying out his wallet again real soon after those remarks. But who cares? The guy’s rich! I hope he keeps this up, because what he’s doing is confirming to the fans things we’ve been thinking all along!

You’ve gotta love Denny Hamlin. He tells it like it is.

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