NASCAR's Hottest Driver Right Now?: Carl Edwards

If you had to guess who NASCAR’s hottest driver is at this very moment, who would you guess?

Greg Biffle? Kevin Harvick? Jeff Gordon? Certainly, not Jimmie Johnson?

If you guessed anybody other than Carl Edwards, you are mistaken. Since the end of June, a period which spans over four races, Edwards has not finished worse than 7th, and he has accumulated more points than any other driver.

Edwards has accumulated 646 points over the last four races; 48 points more than the next driver, Jeff Burton. Burton is the only other driver to finish in the top 10 in all four of those events.

Perhaps what’s more impressive is the fact that each of the last four races took place on tracks 1.5 miles or bigger. Edwards, as well as his Roush-Fenway teammates, struggled with speed early on in the year. It seems that he and Greg Biffle have things figured out in that department.

Since Loudon, where Edwards finished 25th, he has moved up two spots in the standings and has put some distance on the 13th-place points man. After Loudon, Edwards was 12th, 3 points ahead of the Chase cutoff.

Now, Edwards sits in 10th, 126 points ahead of the cutoff.

Many people probably don’t consider Edwards, or any of his teammates, to be title contenders this year. And that’s for good reason, considering Roush-Fenway cars have been plagued with mediocrity and inconsistency all year.

But things are changing. Biffle found Victory Lane, while Edwards is clicking off solid, consistent results week after week; something guys like Johnson, Gordon, and even Harvick can’t say. And if he keeps it up, he will be a title threat, without a doubt.

Right now, Carl Edwards is NASCAR’s hottest driver.

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