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Video: Kyle Busch Sounds Off On, Well, The Facts

After you’ve become the first driver in history to win all three of NASCAR’s major touring events in one weekend, you’ve earned the right to have a little fun in your post-race press conference.

After all, you can brag, and nobody can argue with you. Because you’ve pretty much proven that you are the best. Kyle Busch took full advantage of his opportunity on Saturday night, and sounded off on the facts of life.

Take a look at the video below. The first, oh, 2:45 is kind of boring. But the last 45 seconds or so makes it totally worth watching:

On the surface, it seems that Busch is being kinda hard on David Reutimann. But Rowdy doesn’t mean that Reuti is an inept race car driver, as some might have you think. What Busch is saying is that there were a couple of places on the track where Reutimann was losing time to Busch, and that when he figures out how to get through those places, he’ll be able to win at Bristol.

As far as his comments about Brad Keselowski, I think there’s only one thing to say.


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