Marcos Ambrose Is The Best V8 Supercar Driver. Ever.

Marcos Ambrose’s NASCAR career has been pretty good. He has three wins in the NASCAR Nationwide Series, and has earned his share of top 5s in NASCAR’s highest level.

But when it comes to V8 Supercars, Ambrose is the best. Period.

As part of V8X Magazine’s 10-year celebration, a panel of motorsports journalists voted Marcos Ambrose as the best V8 Supercar driver in history. The Tasmanian has won 28 races in V8 Supercars, along with back-to-back championships in 2003 and 2004.

Here’s what Ambrose had to say upon receiving the honor:

“It’s just an honor to receive this kind of recognition. I really want to thank V8X Magazine and the motorsport journalists who voted for me. I love the V8 Supercar Series and I have so many fond memories. I’m proud to have been able to be a part of its history.”

Congratulations to Marcos Ambrose on his honor. It is certainly well-earned.

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  • Christopher

    It must be noted the V8X is a lowly rated magazine. As much as to say Marcos Ambrose is the best V8 Supercar driver is a sure joke. And most certainly is not a true statement. Maybe because Ambrose is just the driver with the biggest ego and had a small amount of luck. However drivers like Mark Skaife, Craig Lowndes and Jamie Whincup, and Mark Winterbottom would rank far higher than Ambrose in real significance

  • Darren

    Thinks Chris is kidding. Winterbottom better than Ambrose, give me a pipe of what ever he is smoking

  • Carlos, Auckland

    Clearly Christopher hasn’t watched much V8′s. I’m with Darren,the guy must be on something. There were 8 experts on the panel Christopher! Ambrose was the most exciting driver to watch by a country mile. He could pass where nobody else could and without incident. He was so far ahead of everyone it was night and day & would be again now if he was still racing V8′s. Add to that a pleasant personality and a healthy down to earth ego. Legend !

  • Christopher

    Clearly I can say that I watched and followed V8 Supercar racing long before there was V8 Supercars. And in some cases have viewed many such races more than once. In relation to video tape playback. As well as the more than 100 video tapes I have of the racing .

    When it is true that Marcos Ambrose can pass people and cut them off in causing many accidents. And much to why Ambrose lost the 2005 V8 Supercar Championship Series. Because he crashed into the other drivers and at times his own team mate in the process. (as well as Murphy at Bathurst)

    Craig Lowndes would be much better at passing people in and comparison with Ambrose. While the other fact is that Ambrose was only in the sport for a handful of years and therefore does not have the longer term experience and results of a five times Champion and 5 times Bathurst winner would have. (namely Mark Skaife )

    The final issue is that V8X Magazine is an under rated bimonthly load of rubbish with a poor market share. Which is one of the lower rated motor racing magazines in Australasia. So the remarks of so called journalists are as inaccurate as the kerb side quality of the magazines existence. When much written in V8X is either out of date or far from being truthful