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NASCAR 2011: The Game To Be Revealed

An anonymos source has informed Stock Car Spin that an announcement about a new NASCAR video game is expected to be made within the coming days.

The source says that the game is being developed by Eutechnyx, and is being published by Activision, the publisher of the famous Rainbow Six and Guitar Hero series.

The game, entitled NASCAR 2011: The Game, will be released for the Nintendo Wii, Microsoft Xbox 360, and Sony Playstation 3.

This is what Dave Thompson of Eutechnyx had to say on his Twitter page:

“We almost have everything ready to roll out so expect to see plenty before the end of this month. Trust me, it’s worth the wait.”

Thompson also hinted that online races may include more than 16 players, stating “16 (cars) just seems like so last year.”

No word just yet for sure on when exactly The Game will be released, but rumors have suggested that it will be early February 2011, just before the season-opening Daytona 500.

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  • Jeremy

    i was just wondering about some of the new features on the nascar 2011? the only way i can see that nascar fans are going to look at the game is by new features that have to consist with real nascar action. some considering would be bringing the car down to the pits; the computer does it. you need to make it so that the player gets to bring down the car to pit also enforcing speeding penalties. also, i think it would look better with a pre-race scenario like the end of the national anthem and the jets flying over and also the player getting to fire the car at the start and being able to control your own car under caution, which does include pre-laps before the race. i think these features and some more will bring nascar back to the better days and make fans more apt to buy this new, improved video game that brings the player into the race. thanks for taking the time to read this and i hope to see some great new features and improvements within nascar 2011.

    • Ben Montedonico

      Jeremy, it sounds like there may be a big announcement about the game within the week. I’ll keep you posted on here with everything I hear about the game. Thanks for stopping by!

      • Jeremy

        alright, thanks for keeping me posted. i’ve been waiting for the new nascar for a while now and i’m waiting to see some of the improvements they’ve implemented into the new nascar 2011. another idea i hope they inquire is that nascar 2011 should be 2 player compatable. that was the biggest downfall in the xbox 360 nascar 09. me and my friends played older versions of nascar because the nascar 09 wasn’t 2 player compatable. thanks for everything and i hope to here from you soon.

    • Alex Chapin

      Then it would seem like you may like Iracing. if you dont know what it is, its a pc simulator. it has legands, late models, modifieds, and the top 3, trucks, nationwide, and sprint cup. but they got road course too. so you can race indy cars. they have tracks like Daytona and richmond and all the tracks are laser scanned so they get all the bumps and they will get the surroundings down to the trees of in the distance. it will beat any console nascar game. check it out at they got tuns of videos on it

    • ronald

      what about the server will it be more stable or like all the other one’s glitching and freezing ,kicking u off all the time>?

      • Ben Montedonico

        It sounds like it’s going to be a lot more stable. We’ll have a game review coming up in a few weeks with Brandon, our contributor, and he’ll tell us all about it.

  • J

    I just wanna kniow who is maing the game and if they got the sponsor agreements to put sponsors like beer sponsors on the cars instead of like Kasey Kahne Motorsports and all that BS.
    Also it better have more paint schemes than 09 did.
    And most importantly it has to come out soon!!lol

    • Brandon

      Hey J,

      That is something i don’t know. I think that the game developers would probably need an agreement with the beer companies in order to use their logos, and or likeness in the game before it gets put into the game. I don’t think the logos for those companies are part of NASCAR’s likeness.

      I would like to add that there is some sort of big news coming on thursday, according to Dave Thompsons twitter feed.

    • Johnny

      The dont put beer sponsor son the cars becuase its illegal advertising i think. Also you can’t label a game a”Family rated game” if theres beer advertisments. I dont think getting the right sis the issue. Bud would love to fill millions of homes tvs through video game advertising.

  • http://- kendall

    hey guys can’t wait for the new game to come out. They better have the 2 player mode and i hope you’ll be able to create cars with numbers that aren’t in the 100s. EA sports took a step backwards with every NASCAR game that they came out with. I hope this new game is more similar to NASCAR racing 2003 edition for the computer. That game was awesome! It allowed other cars to be downloaded into the game such as all the new schemes and older ones. I personally loved using the 1997 set.

  • Jeremy

    I have to agree with kendall, if this game is going to get somewhere, it has to be 2 player, if not then it’s going to take a big downfall like nascar 09 did by ea sports. me and my friends would rather play old editions on the computer like nascar 1999 then play the ea sports newer editions. i also think that if this nascar is going to sell, it needs to make the player feel like the actual driver in the nascar car, if this was to happen, i can see a huge improvement compared to the highly lacking features in nascar 09.

  • Brandon

    We are just going to have to wait and see aren’t we. Until i see atleast some screens from the game, i won’t give any opinions or anything to it. Just wait until this Thursday for the “big news”.

    • Jeremy

      Brandon, i just have a few questions, is dave the one who’s in charge of the operations of the new nascar 2011? and how are you accossiated with nascar 2011? and ben, how are you accossiated with nascar 2011 too?

  • Brandon

    Jeremy, lets just say that there’s a surprise article Ben and I have been working on. Just wait and see. ;-)

  • http://- kendall

    I just wanted to make sure with the game supposedly coming out two weeks before Daytona that the rosters on the game will be for the 2011 season not this year correct?

  • J

    Lets say todays thursday…
    where will the announcment take place? is it on that guys twitter page or g4???

    • Ben Montedonico

      I would imagine probably on the company’s website. Don’t worry, though. As soon as we get the information Stock Car Spin will have you covered!

  • Spot

    I think it’s important to be able to incorperate the CAR SETUPS into the game that EA were able to perfect! Best race simulator I have ever played was NASCAR 09, even with all the glitches, the car felt better when trying out different setups, so hopefully Activision will be able to incorperate that aspect into the new NASCAR 2011? Also perhaps be able to allow USA to link with EUROPE, unlike NASCAR 09 allowed? This would make it better online…

  • Marc

    I’d really like to see them put the modifieds back into the game. Those seemed to be the only cars I could really do any good in. Sure once they took them out I adapted to the others. But I sure could dominate in those mods. My favorite kind of car anyhow.

  • Brandon


    Yes, they are going to incorporate the car setups in NASCAR 11. Here is the official NASCAR game website for those who haven’t been there already.


    According to Activisions Game Listing, they have the official release as February 15th, 2011 (unless they magically delay it like EA Sports did with NBA ELITE 11).

    • Spot

      Cheers for that Brandon, that’s made my day ;o)

      Had lots of hours tinkering with my setups on Nascar 09, so will do the same on Nascar 11. All I need now is a better (none glitchy) version than that of Nascar 09, and if this Nascar 11 is that, then I will surely be very happy.

  • Mike Kramer

    Great that there coming out with a new Nascar game, My question is why “NOT” PC??????????????? I am really disatisfied that PC games are forgoton? When 2003 Nascar
    was the biggest hit in a driving game ever made for PC!!!
    Take a poll and see how many fans would like to see this game in PC!!!!!!!!!!! Increase sales for sure!Thanks for reading my comment! Mike Kramer

  • Brandon

    @Mike Kramer

    Yes, i do agree with you. A PC NASCAR game has been long overdue. Eutechnyx unfortunately did say they aren’t making a PC version of NASCAR 11, BUT, and this is a huge BUT. They did promise they will do something for PC in the future. You can read about that in the link below. You’ll be able to read that in the fourth short paragraph of that article.

  • Blake

    Will NASCAR 2011 have other series besides the cup like the Nationwide and trucks???

  • Brandon

    I would go check out the NTG forums. They will have info on that.

  • holden

    why is it goin 2 be realized so much later for wii?

    • Ben Montedonico

      The game’s release was postponed until March 29th; that goes for all consoles, not just Wii.