Driver Speak: Richmond

Welcome to a new segment on Stock Car Spin called “Driver Speak”. Each week, I ask race car drivers a series of questions about the hot topics in NASCAR. This week’s guests are Latemodel driver Chris Siebert, and Joe Gibbs Racing development driver Max Gresham.

Ben: “First off, a lot of people are saying that this year’s Chase is the most “wide-open” we’ve had in a long time. What do you guys think?”

Siebert:“I think it’s just because the guys are just so competitive this year and they all want it so much. Every week each driver has a chance to win the race or pick up a top 5. Its not particularly dominated by just one driver. Yes, Harvick has been up front for awhile but now that the chase is here that all can change. I believe Hamlin is the Hotshoe you need to watch for. This Richmond win really set the bar for that team and the chase for them. Maybe Jimmie could get another one; you just don’t know this year. Its been great racing all year, so who knows these last few races what might happen.”

Ben: “On Friday, we saw the third race with the new Nationwide CoT. What’s your take on the new car?”

Siebert: “They’re pretty sweet!!! I’m liking how much they really resemble stock cars. They might be more top heavy but since 3/4 of the top teams in Nationwide cars are Cup drivers I think they’re just fine handling-wise. They seemed fine in the draft and good on short tracks so I think the cars doing just fine!”

Ben: “Finally, who do you think will be the 2010 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series champion?”

Max: “I think that the championship is really up for grabs for any of the top 12 drivers. They are all in the Chase for a reason and I think that everyone has a shot, but I do believe and not because I may be bias, but I think that Denny Hamlin has the best chance this year. He has been super competitive and has won many races.”

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Chris Siebert

Max Gresham

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