Jeremy Mayfield Working On Open-Wheel Deal

Remember a few weeks ago when I mentioned that Jeremy Mayfield in IRL would be a great story?

Yeah, that might actually happen.

Mayfield sat down the other day for an interview with ESPN’s Dave Newton, and this was mentioned:

“Mayfield hasn’t kept up much with what has happened this season. Other than knowing there’s not much drama heading into this weekend barring a miracle twice the one he had, his focus has been on getting his life back in order. He has a few racing deals in the works, one that could put him in a dirt-track car for some late-season, big-money events and another that could put him in an open-wheel car next season.”

Of course, that doesn’t mean that Mayfield for sure will end up in an Indycar. But if Jeremy Mayfield gets behind the wheel of anything, that would be pretty great.

I still think that Jeremy Mayfield in IRL would make a great story.

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