NASCAR Pins Clint Bowyer In Early Chase Hole

NASCAR is penalizing New Hampshire winner Clint Bowyer and his team over an alleged “illegal car”. Bowyer is being penalized 150 points, and has lost his crew chief Shane Wilson for the next 6 races.

The catch: Bowyer’s car passed post-race inspection following his win.

Under NASCAR rules, the sanctioning body has the right to confiscate two cars after each race; one of which belongs to the winner. When Bowyer’s #33 car was taken back to the R&D center for additional testing, it failed a “more thorough” inspection.

NASCAR refused to immediately announce what exactly was wrong with the car.

Bowyer’s penalty drops him from second in the standings back to 12th, 185 points behind leader Denny Hamlin. But the penalty should not come without some kind of controversy.

Since NASCAR was begun back in 1948, no team has ever been penalized points over a car that failed a “more thorough” inspection at an R&D center. In other words, no team has ever been penalized over a car that passed post-race inspection.

Simply put, the fashion in which Bowyer was penalized is unprecedented.

Now Bowyer has to make up those lost points, and he has to do it without his crew chief. Even though his car passed inspection. Then again, I guess it’s not too surprising that NASCAR would perform a “more thorough” inspection on a dominant car, not belonging to a certain organization, just to insure there was something wrong with it.

NASCAR has pinned Clint Bowyer in an early Chase hole. Now, hopefully he can make it up.

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