Clint Bowyer Talks About Penalty

Clint Bowyer spoke to the media Friday morning about his excessive and unprecedented penalty following his win last Sunday at Loudon.

(Note: Because Youtube did not have the video yet, I could not embed it into this post. But you can see the video here.)

Bowyer makes a few interesting points in the video:

~0.060 inches is less than the thickness of a quarter. Even if Bowyer’s car was 0.060 inches out of tolerance, does the competitive edge gained at a flat 1-mile track warrant a 150-point penalty?

~Bowyer’s car was pushed to Victory Lane by a wrecker. It is not only possible, but probable, that the wrecker pushed Bowyer’s quarter-panel up by more than the height of a quarter.

~RCR had already been told the #33 was going to be looked at further after New Hampshire, so even pushing the envelope would have been ridiculous.

~When NASCAR found something wrong with the car, it was already torn apart, and not in race-shape.

~How could Bowyer’s car pass pre- and post-race inspection at the track, but fail inspection at the R&D Center?

~Jimmie Johnson and Denny Hamlin’s cars both failed the height sticks at the track the first time they were inspected, while Bowyer’s car passed. So why didn’t NASCAR take a better look at their cars?

Here’s what we do know: RCR is appealing the penalty, and Bowyer’s crew chief Shane Wilson is at Dover while the appeals process takes place. We’ll keep you posted as we learn more.

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