Kenny Wallace Opens Mouth; Inserts Foot

Kenny Wallace is just one of those guys whom you either love or hate. He can be funny, he can be annoying, and sometimes, he can be both at the same time.

Very rarely, however, do we ever associate the youngest Wallace brother with the word “rude”. But after taking a few shots at fellow Nationwide Series driver Brian Scott last night, now we can.

Without being asked, Wallace gave his thoughts on Scott’s recent release from the newly-bought Braun Racing team, as well as recently-released Trevor Bayne, on his Twitter page:

“MY THOUGHTS..Trevor Bayne is a good driver, He will get a ride Imediately(sic)!..Brian Scotts dad is wealthy he will BUY a ride Imediately(sic)..”

Again, without being asked, Wallace decides to chime in about what it takes(or doesn’t take) to get a NASCAR ride nowadays:

“Oh!..One last thought!..Sing a long with me..MONEY MONEY MONEY!..ha ha ha ha!..Awwww (all CAPS expletive)!..Having Talent to get a ride days are over!”

Let me just chime in really quick and say that Wallace hasn’t won a NASCAR race of any type since 2001. How’s that for talent?

Wallace continues:

“The DL(sic) is this…Brian Scott pissed his owner off by saying he was leaving at Year end..Trevor Bayne DID NOT bring The money he promised.”

Wallace finally started getting flac for what he said, from both Scott and his fans, as he began backtracking:

“Hey @bscottracing …I was bragging on you!..Here is my Exact Quote…”Brian Scott will get a ride immediately because his dad has money”.”

Um, no. You said Scott will buy a ride, and followed that up with, and I paraphrase to clean up your mess, “The days of needing talent to get a ride are over.” I’ll let the fans figure out what you’re implying there. It shouldn’t take long.

Wallace then admitted that he himself got a ride because of his brother’s money, and not because of his talent. Shocker!

“Some of you need to understand Nascar!…I got to Nascar because of my brother Rusty and his money or I wouldn’t of made it.”

Say it ain’t so!

Wallace proceeded to apologize…um…sincerely:

“My daughter Brittany Wallace who is 19 years old..Told me I should say Sorry to @bscottracing..”I am SORRY” you took it wrong!”

Of course Brian Scott, being the kind, understanding fellow he is, decided it was time to put all of the drama to bed. And being the bigger man, asked Wallace if they could simply work the whole thing out over hot chocolate. To which Wallace replied, “Deal.”

So I guess we’ll see if Wallace ever truly eats his words, or really does apologize to Scott. I’m sure he will next time Scott outruns him, which he’s done 17 times in 28 races here in 2010.

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