Driver Speak: Dover

Our boys are back this week as Chris Siebert and Max Gresham sound off on this week’s action. Here’s what our drivers have to say this week:

Ben: Alrighty boys, let’s get started! First question: What do you think of Clint Bowyer’s penalty last week? Too much, too little, or just right?

Siebert: I think it’s straight messed up. The punishment didn’t fit the crime, because
there was no crime. His bumper was smaller than a quarter than it should be.
They were really trying to bust him. It really took the wind out of his sails.
I hate it for him because he’s a great driver. I hope he can bounce back after
his not-so-decent run at Dover.

Ben: Next question. After what happened between the #11 and #29 in practice on Saturday, who is in the right and who is in the wrong? Should Denny have kept his mouth shut about Clint Bowyer, and was it Kevin’s place to retaliate?

Siebert:Denny should have just shut up and just kept his thoughts to himself and just not said anything. Yeah, he has the right to say whatever but for the integrity of himself and the team he’s on, I don’t think Denny should have done anything. Kevin had every right to beat his bumper off and tell him whats up. I support Happy here.

Ben: Finally, after two races, do you feel that anybody pretty much doesn’t have a shot at the title, or are all 12 drivers still in this race?

Max:I think that until we hear the final ruling on Clint Bowyer’s deal then the only other person who does not have a shot I would say is Matt Kenseth because he has already had two bad races.

Want to get to know these guys better? Check out Max Gresham’s website and the Chris Siebert Motorsports Facebook page!

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