NASCAR 2011: The Game Announced!

Ladies and gentlemen of NASCAR Nation, may I have your attention please. NASCAR 2011: The Game has officially been announced today!

You have all been asking questions about the game, which will be released in early February, and while I don’t have all the answers just yet(more will come in a soon-to-be-released article right here on SCS), I have the most important ones.

Here’s what I’ve gathered from the official press release, as well as this story by ESPN:

~The game will include 2-player split-screen mode.

~Online play will consist of up to 16 players.

~The game will consist of all 2010 paint schemes, with 2011 paint schemes available via download after purchasing the game. For free.

~All Sprint Cup Series tracks will be on the game, including Kentucky.

~Manufacturer decals are included on the cars.

~There are no fantasy tracks available on the game; keeping it real.

A couple more things about the game. In the ESPN interview, it was mentioned that the in-game drivers will have similar personalities to their real-life counterparts. For example, Kyle Busch will be aggressive, while Carl Edwards and Brad Keselowski will actually be rivals.

Also, the damage model is supposedly better than ever before. Mentioned in the interview is that damage is not “predetermined”, meaning if you hit the wall with the left-front, you will get damage on the left-front instead of the whole front-end like you did in NASCAR ’09.

Along with that, if a car flies into the catchfence, the fence actually bends and gets damaged, creating a very real and graphic crash experience. Don’t worry though, the game has been created so that debris and cars can’t fly into the grandstands.

I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty pumped about this game! And don’t worry, if you still have questions, we have another article coming in the next few days that will answer many more you may have.

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  • joseph

    will there be the busch series ant the truck series? if so is dale jr in the #3 wrangler car and austin dillon in the #3 bass pro truck?

  • joseph

    my bad i meant nationwide i satill call it the busch series lol!

    • Ben Montedonico

      From what it sounds like Joseph, there will not be a N’Wide or Truck series on the game this year.

  • rob

    will there be any commentary in the game like the fox or espn announcers . if ncaa and madden can do it why not then. this one main feature that ea never attempted to put in their nascar games.

    • Ben Montedonico

      I honestly do not know that. I guess we’ll all find that out together!

  • Thomas Peck

    Is their going to be the national anthem before the race and gentlemen start your engines in the beginning of the race.

    • Ben Montedonico

      Judging by some of the photos on the website, yes it looks like there will be.

  • jesse james

    Will there be a ver. for the computer are just game consoles

    • Ben Montedonico

      As far as I have heard, just game consoles for now. That’s all I’ve heard them talk about at least…

  • Corbin

    the most important thing to me is.. what is the career mode going to be like?

  • mike

    need 4 player for offline play to. but other whys the game looks the best it ever has in years.