David Reutimann Should Not Have Hit Kyle Busch

Vengeance is sweet, and sometimes necessary.

When Brad Keselowski wouldn’t quit messing with Carl Edwards, Edwards took him out. It can be argued that since then, Keselowski has raced very differently. In that case, vengeance was warranted.

In the case of Kyle Busch and David Reutimann, it wasn’t.

Let me bring you up to speed on what happened between the two drivers Sunday at Kansas. Busch and Reutimann were running nose-to-tail going into Turn 1 early in the race. Reutimann’s car got a little bit loose, and he checked up. Busch didn’t, and ran into the back of Reutimann’s car, sending the #00 into the wall and effectively ruining Reutimann’s day.

While running 10 laps down, Reutimann, who is not a title contender, hit Busch coming off of turn 2 and spun himself out. The hit was not catastrophic, but did enough damage to both the right- and left-rear corners of Busch’s car to poorly affect the car’s handling.

Busch, one of 12 drivers racing for the title, finished 22nd, one lap down.

Reutimann and Busch have a little bit of a rivalry, dating back to Bristol where Busch called out Reutimann’s driving ability(or so everybody inferred). With that in the back of his mind, Reutimann probably had it with Busch and decided to take measures into his own hands.

But did the “punishment” fit the crime?

In my opinion, no, because there was no crime. Reutimann got loose in front of Busch, leaving him with no time to react and nowhere to go but straight into the back of him. If anything, the crash should be blamed on Reutimann.

Then, Reutimann came out of the garage and ran over a guy who did nothing wrong, and severely hurt his title chances. Keep in mind that they drive for the same manufacturer, and by hitting Busch, all Reutimann did was help Jimmie Johnson, a Chevy driver, get ahead in the points.

For all it’s worth, I feel that Reutimann’s attempt at “revenge” was unwarranted even for a regular race; much less a Chase race. It could reek havoc on the title race. And if it does, every single person in the Toyota camp, even Reutimann and his crew, are going to look back and realize just how stupid that move really was.

David Reutimann should not have hit Kyle Busch.

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