Driver Speak: Kansas

Latemodel driver Chris Siebert and K&N East Series driver Max Gresham are back this week for another edition of Driver Speak. Here’s what the boys had to say about this week’s big stories in NASCAR:

Ben: Alrighty boys, let’s get started! First question: After what we saw at Kansas on Sunday, do you think that track is deserving of that second date next year?

Siebert: Yeah I think so, but not in the Chase or anything. Just one at the start of the year then later in the year. It was a good race and was hard-fought so I think it deserves it.

Ben: Moving on. Was David Reutimann’s “revenge” on Kyle Busch warranted?

Max: You know I give David credit for acting out. It takes a lot of will to hold back anger and I think now that David has it out it might make him a better driver. Because now he is a loose cannon and that could urge him more to go be more aggressive.

Siebert: Yeah I think that he was right for getting back at him. Kyle just spun ‘em, and yeah it does take a BUNCH of power to not go back and get a guy for what happened during the race, but he did it and he moved on. So it’s all good now with them. I guess haha. So we will see this weekend if it’s an issue or not.

Max: I do not think Kyle meant to spin him, but I do think that David has taken enough of the little things this year, and has let people walk on him a little bit. So when Kyle rolled up on him he knew he could bump him and get away with it. Now he will think more than once before he decides to just move him to pass him, but i do not think he meant to spin him.

Siebert: Yeah, but that all shows how impatient Kyle is. He could’ve just waited until the back straight to go by. Instead he goes off in the turn and runs in the back of David. And you’re right, David has had enough. But Kyle could’ve been more patient. It’s all should’ve-could’ve-would’ve here.

Max: Yeah, but it looked like racing. Kyle drove in harder than David did and it was racing. I did not see Kyle purposefully take him out. He could be more patient, yes, but when your at that level of competition and you are able to get a little up on the competitor on one corner you have to take advantage of it. Kyle could have timed or placed his move better, but David’s spotter could have also warned him he had a run and to give him the lane.

Siebert: Yeah, I agree. There’s A LOT of different things that could’ve happened to not have caused that wreck. Spotter callin’ it better, David seeing it, just anything really. But it happened and it was nobody’s fault at the end. Just good hard racing. Kyle forced it in there. Might have looked intentional or not. But if it was Jr. it would have been intentional off the bat! So thank God it wasn’t him!

Ben: Good points guys. We’ll end this week with a little bit of a fun question. What are you most looking forward to about the new NASCAR video game coming out in February?

Siebert: Actually having real manufacturers, new Nationwide cars, more customization to cars in paint booth, and that it’s going to be more realistic.

Max: I haven’t even looked at it yet. So I don’t really know; probably just playing it.

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