Driver Speak: Fontana

Latemodel driver Chris Siebert and K&N East driver Max Gresham are back again to discuss the week’s biggest stories in NASCAR. Also joining us this week is Camping World Truck Series driver TJ Bell, as he leads us off by discussing the Chase’s newest title contender:

Ben: Alrighty boys, let’s get started. First question: With Tony Stewart’s win at Fontana on Sunday, is he back in title contention?

T.J.: Yes he is but he is gonna need Jimmie J. to have a bad race. They are both good at Charlotte, but Tony is racing for wins and Jimmie is points racing, so it should be good.

Max: Yep, I would say Stewart is for sure back in the Chase, and I would say that this win has lit a fire under his team and they will be smoking to the top.

Siebert: Oh yeah for sure, he’s in it big time and showed that he’s a true competitor for it. I think he’s all-in and he’s gonna go for it every week.

Ben: Moving on. We saw Danica Patrick’s late crash in the Nationwide race on Saturday. Was it an accident, or do you think James Buescher was trying to get a point across? If he was, who’s in the wrong here?

Siebert: I think trying to get a point across. He’s got more on the line than Danica. She’s out there just making laps when he’s going 10,000 percent for a win. She’s still got a few more races to months ’till she’s “race winning” or top 10-quality. I’m backing up James here, I think he did what was right in what he did.

Ben: Finally, a lot of Chasers had major problems at Fontana, especially the Busch brothers and the Roush Fenway cars. Do you think any of those guys still have a shot at the title?

Siebert: Oh yeah, only week four. Plenty of time left. It ain’t over ’till the checkered flag waves at Homestead.

Max: That is a tricky question, but I agree with what Waltrip said, “Once you are 160 points out, you’re done.” It is going to be hard for any of the Chasers that have had a couple bad weeks to make it back up when you have J.J. up front running top 5 every week.

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