Trevor Bayne Is Going Cup Racing At Texas

A few weeks ago, 19-year old Trevor Bayne had just been canned by Michael Waltrip Racing, and his future in NASCAR was in doubt.

Would Bayne become the next Danny O’ Quinn? Todd Kleuver? Shane Huffman? Would he be the next promising young star cast from the sport due merely to lack of funding?

No, he would not. In fact, just weeks after his release, Trevor Bayne is going racing in NASCAR’s premier division.

It was announced on Wednesday that Bayne, now a development driver for Roush Fenway Racing, will make his NASCAR Sprint Cup Series debut at Texas Motor Speedway next weekend driving the #21 Motorcraft Ford, owned by the Wood Brothers.

Yes, you read that right. The Wood Brothers, whose team name is synonymous with greatness, as well as highly-respected, idolized NASCAR stars; most notably David Pearson, who is now a NASCAR Hall of Famer and who has 105 career NASCAR Cup wins to his credit.

True, Bayne is not David Pearson. Although given the opportunity he may prove to be almost as good. And true, the Wood Brothers racing team isn’t the exemplar of dominance it once was.

Even still, the fact that this chance has come along for Bayne so suddenly when just weeks ago his racing future was in turmoil is not lost on the young man. And it’s certainly not an opportunity anyone can expect to see him squander.

Bayne knows full well just how much this opportunity means, as he was nearly speechless with excitement when posting this on his Facebook page:

“It finally sunk in today that I’m GOING CUP RACING!! Ahhhhh!!”

We all know how talented Bayne has been at the Nationwide level, as he’s demonstrated just how well he can run against Cup regulars in that series. Now he finally gets a chance to show them what he can do at their level. And even at 19 years of age, Bayne is mature enough not to let this chance slip away.

Trevor Bayne is going Cup racing at Texas.

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