Driver Speak: Texas

After taking a couple weeks off, our boys Max Gresham and Chris Siebert are back this week to discuss some of the hot topics in NASCAR this week. Our ARCA boy leads us off, with our Latemodel driver chiming in a little bit later:

Ben: Alrighty boys, it was a crazy week in Texas, so let’s get started! First off, what did you think of Jeff Gordon wanting to fight Jeff Burton? Over the line or just what NASCAR needs?

Max: I don’t know if you would call it what they need, but it was very cool! If you remember that’s how the sport got famous with the fight between Bobby Allison and Cale Yarborough at Daytona, so it could be what they need to bring interest back into the sport.

Ben: Thanks Max. Moving on, what did you guys think of Trevor Bayne’s Cup debut on Sunday?

Siebert: Think the man did a great job for his first time in a Cup car! Way better than I thought. Really impressed me with it!

Ben: Finally, what did you think of Kyle Busch’s actions and his penalties. Too harsh or just right?

Siebert: I think its dumb. Wow, he flipped off a official. The drivers flip off each other and probably the officials way more than we know of. We had the In-Car cam on which’ is why we saw it. If it wasn’t on I bet it wouldn’t of been a deal at all. I’m not a Busch fan really but I think it’s part of racing and your gunna take a bird now and then. So grow up NASCAR, it’s gunna happen.

Max: You know Kyle has a special way of expressing himself, and he definitely isn’t scared to show/speak what is on his mind. I think the punishment was way to harsh especial for just a silly little finger. What does that finger even mean? It’s just a finger people and it’s definitely not worth $25,000. If we are going to play that game I think we should put the official that told on him in timeout. No one likes a tattle tail.

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