NASCAR 2011: The Game Release Postponed; Box Art Revealed

I have some good news and some bad news out of the NASCAR 2011: The Game camp.

First, the good news. The cover art on the game has been revealed, and it’s not disappointing. The cover features a nearly full field of cars racing through a turn at Bristol Motor Speedway, with Jimmie Johnson and Mark Martin battling side-by-side at the front. As you can see in the picture attached to the link, it looks pretty sweet.

Now the bad news. NASCAR 2011: The Game’s release has been postponed until March 29, more than a full month later than originally planned.

 But while there is no word on why the release has been postponed, it can only be assumed that perhaps the developers caught something wrong with the game, and want to assure that they get it fixed and that the game is perfect when it is released.

Personally, having waited over 2 years for a new NASCAR game, I’d rather wait an extra month and make sure I’m buying a perfect game, than get the game early and have there be flaws. So I applaud everybody at Eutechnyx and Activision for making sure they get it right, no matter what.

Even though we’ll have to wait an extra month to get behind our plug-in steering wheels, it will be totally worth the wait.

Update: Statement from Eutechnyx’s Gregg Baker:

“The main reason[for the delayed release] is we simply wanted more time to polish it[the game] and hopefully make it the experience you guys are craving. It’s never easy to delay a game as it can cause a lot of disappointment, but we genuinely feel that by doing this you guys will be even happier with the end product.

Believe me we’re all just as desperate to have this game in your hands now and get online and race against you guys. But sometimes more time is needed to get that fantastic end product we want to ship”. 

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  • dc-31

    When I read the news today and saw that racers are only going to be allowed to race for one championship, I thought to myself: “uh-oh, the game is going to be delayed.” They are going to need to wait to see who the probable/likely drivers are for each circuit, same for sponsors, etc, and you can’t guess at this stuff. They will need for the season to begin, observe who is under contract for who, code in the skill attributes accordingly, then do all of the distribution work from there. Makes sense–and I would prefer the delay too.

  • Jarrod

    I agree and kind mad I was looking forward to it coming out when the start of the NASCAR season. But ok with waiting another month.. Does anybody know if the daytona track will be updated? I really hope so. And will all the tracks be up to date?? I cannot wait for it to be release ic have been waiting for years since the 2009 came out hope it doesn’t disappoint

    • Brandon Butler

      I would be lying if i said i wasn’t disappointed, because i am. I was excited and now that its being released, it actually makes me more excited. EA just said the heck with it, and released it and look where it ended up.

      @Jared: I have been following the game real closely (By being on the NTG forums, and checking out Dave Thomspons Twitter), and they already confirmed that the repaved Daytona WILL NOT BE IN THE GAME COME RELEASE, NOR WILL IT COME, THROUGH THE UPDATE after the game releases. It will probably be in the next version of NTG.

      As far as the tracks being updated, they are not doing so either. They are only updating 2011 with the new splitter, new schemes, and adding Kentucky to the Career Mode. They just did confirm Kentucky will be in the game when it releases.

  • Jarrod

    Thanks for letting me know that I appriciate it. Thats disappointing about not having the updated daytona track but glad to hear about Kentucky one of my favorite tracks and about the updated of the spolers and all the car updaters that gonna be sweet. Is there any talk about another NASCAR game?? I know it’s probly to early to ask.. But I cannot wait for the new game iv been waiting for it since the year after the relese of 2009 NASCAR . Were can I find info on the relese and updates about the release?? Thanks again for commenting back and answering my questions.

    • Brandon Butler

      My pleasure Jarrod. I am just as excited for this game, as you are. :)

      Anyways, i agree, its definitely TOO EARLY to talk about 2012, because 2011 isn’t here yet LOL. For info on the release, etc, you can go to

      Hope this answers your questions. ;)

  • Joe

    I am a little disappointed. I was really hoping for this game to come out around Daytona. Now I have to wait until April AND make sure it gets good reviews. Oh well, hopefully this means it will have great polish!

  • Tom

    Who cares.Iracing has taken over the sim-racing market.