Carl Edwards Backs Proposed Points System

On Tuesday, I reported my feelings on NASCAR’s proposed new points system. I took on the perspective that it would make winning nearly meaningless, and that if NASCAR is to change the system, they should do a better job rewarding the race winners.

In other words, I felt that the proposed system was a bad idea.

Carl Edwards disagrees.

In an interview with’s Lee Spencer, Edwards applauded the proposed system, believing that its simplicty would make things easier on, not only the fans, but the drivers as well:

“I think (the rumored change is) a genius idea because the spread at the top will be about the same percentage of points and it will be way simpler. Now when I’m running 12th, when I’m trying to keep a guy behind me in points, I’ll know how many positions I have to pick up. For the fans, for the drivers, for everybody, we won’t have to wait until an hour after the race is over to see what the points are. That’s a really good idea.”

But what about winning, Mr. Edwards? Won’t this proposed system make winning less relevant instead of more?

Edwards continues:

“We have all the incentive in the world to win. That’s all we want to do. That’s what motivates us. People that are complaining don’t really understand exactly how hard we’re trying to win. If NASCAR said they were going to offer a million more points to win, I don’t think it would matter. I don‘t think we could race any harder. We’re there already. I truly believe NASCAR wants what’s best for the sport. I hope people recognize that. They want to make this simpler and more competitive. And if that’s their goal, then I’m 100 percent behind them.”

That’s one for the driver, zero for the blogger.

Look, I hate admitting I’m wrong as much as anybody else…except maybe Chad Knaus. But I think when you look at my argument from Tuesday, and compare it to Edwards’, you kind of have to side with Carl.

As a driver, Edwards knows better than anybody what’s good and what’s bad for the sport. He feels that this proposed system is a good idea that will help simplify things for everybody, and it will have no affect on how drivers race when competing for the win.

Basically, the incentive is still going to be there. And it will still be as strong as ever.

Now, to answer the question I proposed at the end of my story on Tuesday, which was “isn’t winning supposed to be the only thing?” The answer is yes. Always has been, always will be. And in Carl Edwards’ mind, no points system will ever change that.

I trust he’s right about this one.

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