Jeremy Mayfield: "I Just Want To Go Racing"

Jeremy Mayfield sat down with Steve Byrnes to do an interview for Speed’s NASCAR Race Hub on Tuesday.

The six-minute interview didn’t really reveal anything we didn’t already know, at least as far as Mayfield’s ongoing “Drug War” with NASCAR is concerned. But the 2-time Chaser did make one thing very clear.

He wants to go racing.

“I just want to go racing,” Mayfield told Byrnes. “I’d like to race Indycars. I’d like to go drag racing. But whatever I do, I don’t want to struggle. I’d have to make sure it was the right situation.”

Mayfield also told Byrnes that he’s putting together a deal with a dirt car team, and could likely go dirt racing later in the year. He also noted that the ongoing court case with NASCAR does not prevent him from racing, but realizes that his career in the sport is over.

When asked when he thought the battle would be over, Mayfield didn’t know. There were several other question asked by Byrnes that Mayfield wanted to answer, but couldn’t do to the ongoing litigations.

“There are lots of things I really want to say; a lot of things I’d like to be able to get off my chest,” Mayfield continued. “But I’m afraid to say them because I can’t afford to get myself into anymore trouble than I’m already in.”

Byrnes stated after the segment that he was asked by Mayfield what he would do if NASCAR accused him of failing a drug test. Byrnes didn’t have an answer.

Whatever the case may be, Mayfield will continue to fight to the very end. In the meantime, he’s chilled out quite a bit; flying under the radar. While he continues to fight, Mayfield will try to get back into doing what he loves most: Race. And he’ll do it in whatever racing series will have him, if the circumstances are right.

Here’s to Jeremy. Let’s hope he can land on his feet and go racing again.

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