Jason Bowles Talks About Toyota All Star Showdown Win

Saturday night, 28-year old Jason Bowles won the biggest race of his life.

The Ontario, California native held off a field of hungry young drivers in the closing laps of a thrilling Toyota All Star Showdown. Since then, Bowles has been riding high with excitement. And on Tuesday, the ecstatic young racer agreed to answer some questions posed by yours truly:

Ben: First off, what was it like to win the Toyota All Star Showdown?

Bowles: It was a great accomplishment. It felt great because I have worked so hard in my career and now I feel like I have accomplished a lot in stock car racing. I have won races, a [K&N]West Series championship and the All Star Showdown.

Ben: What was going through your mind during those last few laps?

Bowles: I was just thinking please no caution. I knew I could out run them but I didn’t want to give them another chance.

Ben: You’ve now won the Daytona 500 of short track racing. What’s next for Jason Bowles?

Bowles: Next up is the Daytona ARCA race. Just gonna try to put together as many quality races as I can during the year.

Ben: Finally, there are a lot of young racers out there striving to be the next Jeff Gordon, Joey Logano, and now Jason Bowles. What advice would you, as a proven winner, give to those young guys?

Bowles: My advice would have to be to never stop trying. If you have a dream I am proof that no matter what stands in your way if you are willing to work hard enough you can get there. You have to take chances and you have to be willing to put 110% into everything you do from the minute you wake up. I have worked on every race car I have ever driven and I feel like that has made me a better racer because I understand the car.

In an age where drivers 21-years old and under seemingly rule the development programs, Bowles has proven that even guys who are a few years older can get the job done. All it takes is hard work, understanding of the race car, and a never-say-die attitude.

Some people like to say that nice guys finish last, and hard work doesn’t pay off. Jason Bowles is living proof that both those statements are false.

Here’s to you Jason Bowles. Keep up the hard work and continue defying the odds. I can’t wait to see you in Sprint Cup.

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