5 Possible Theme Songs For NASCAR On Fox Coverage

The NASCAR season is upon us again. And once again, the NASCAR on Fox crew has scrapped its theme song, this time opting to go with a familiar tune:

But while the NFL on Fox theme is nice, I feel it would be better for them to go with something a little more…original.

First up, we have O’-Jays’ “For the Love of Money”. The song, some fans would agree, fits the France family’s incurable desire for the green paper stuff. Sure, having this theme song may drive off fans. But so does Digger, Auto Club Speedway, and Darrell Waltrip’s antics(love you D.W.!):

Next is UB40’s “Red Red Wine”. Now sure, the only time “wine” actually fits in NASCAR is when the boys take to the road course in Sonoma. But “whine” plays a big role in today’s NASCAR, and the song goes nicely with those slow intermediate parades:

Now for something a little more fitting. Flo-Rida’s “Right Round” is a bit more representative of the young adult fan base. Plus, “you spin me right ’round” is what Carl Edwards says every time Brad Keselowski gets near him:

More fitting for restrictor plate tracks, at which drivers find “dance partners” to help them get to the front, Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” would also be a popular song amongst those who believe there’s a love triangle between Jimmie Johnson, Rick Hendrick, and Brian France(darn conspiracy theorists). Also, it’s pretty popular among teenage girls:

Finally we have the famous country song by Cledus T. Judd and Toby Keith, “I Love NASCAR”. You know you love it, you know we love it. And wouldn’t it be perfect for Fox with the country theme and the silly lines? Of course, they’d have to update the lyrics, but still…:

You’ve heard the songs. Which do you like best?

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