Danica Patrick Leads Lap, Makes History At Daytona

Danica Patrick did something on Saturday that no other woman has ever done in history.

On lap 30 of the Drive4COPD 300 at Daytona, Danica Patrick crossed the start/finish line in first place, with the help of Clint Bowyer. In doing so, she became the first woman to ever lead a lap in NASCAR-sanctioned competition at Daytona.

Patrick would only lead the one lap, and being unable to fully figure out the two-car tango quickly caused her to fall deep in the lead pack and eventually off the lead lap.

Danica would go on to finish a career-best 14th-place, one lap behind eventual winner Tony Stewart.

In the first race of her second season in NASCAR, Patrick showed that she can run with the leaders and is a force that could possibly be reckoned with down the road.

However, she also proved that she still has a lot to learn, and her continued lack of committment to the sport is something that is still troubling and should be well-documented by any team owner looking at her as a potential driver for their team down the road.

Patrick had four practices to figure out the draft technique required to run with the leaders and stay in contention, but her lack of determination to master it caused her to fall out of contention early on in the event.

Also, it bugs me a little bit that she doesn’t know which state Bristol Motor Speedway is in.

But regardless of how things could have been, or how things turn out, two things are for sure. On Saturday, Danica Patrick earned a career-best finish at Daytona.

And on Saturday, Danica Patrick made history at Daytona.

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