Driver Speak: Daytona

As we ring in the new season, our boys are back to discuss the big topics in NASCAR. Latemodel driver Chris Siebert and K&N East Series racer and Joe Gibbs Racing development driver Max Gresham are back this season for another year of Driver Speak. They dished on this week’s major topics from Daytona:

Ben: Alright guys, the 500 is in the books so let’s get started. First of all, what are your thoughts on Trevor Bayne winning the Daytona 500?

Siebert: The kid is talented, he didn’t just get lucky today. He was there all race and when it mattered. He’s very deserving of it, and I’m soooo glad to see him win. Watching him race in late models and legends until now, you can really see how talented he is. He’s one to show the little guy can still do it.

Ben: What are your thoughts on David Ragan’s black flag? Was it a blatent enough rule violation or did he at least deserve a warning?

Max: That rule is hard set in the rules and it was a blatant change of lanes which is a direct violation of the rule. I have never seen that be punished before so I feel like a warning could have been issued, but it is also breaking the rules. It is a sensitive area that NASCAR controls and it’s hard to argue against them.

Siebert: I agree with Max. He did it before the line and stayed there. Yeah, NASCAR really hasn’t ever penalized anyone for it before, so it hurt to see it happen to him. I hope if this same thing happens again they’ll stay consistent with the calling. But he did break the rule of passing before the start and he got penalized. I do think a warning should’ve been issued; not a black flag. It was the end of the race. What happened to “Boys, have at it!”? I think this would’ve fallen under that and should’ve not been messed with. It wouldn’t have really affected a bunch of the outcome. So that’s what I think.

Ben: Finally, some people thought the racing at Daytona was great while others thought it was terrible. What did you guys think of it?

Siebert: Thought it was boring until 20 to go. Just 2 cars hooked up is just “ahhhhh”. I’d like to see pack racing, 3 wide for 20+ laps. Out of control Cole Trickle-style man!! That’s what needs to happen.

It’s great having our drivers back again for what will hopefully be the best season of NASCAR racing ever! Be sure to check out their driver pages below:

Chris Siebert’s Racing Page

Max Gresham’s Racing Page

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