Driver Speak: Las Vegas

Danica Patrick’s historical run. The Robby Gordon v. Kevin Conway battle. The early off-week. These were the major issues coming out of race No. 3 at Las Vegas, and once again our buddy Latemodel driver Chris Siebert was kind enough to discuss these issues in this week’s edition of Driver Speak:

Ben: Alrighty Chris, let’s get started! First off, what are we to make out of Danica Patrick’s fourth-place run at Vegas in the Nationwide race? Is she legit or is it still too early to tell?

Siebert: Good question man. It’s early yes, but the fact she did finish fourth was great. How she did it was pretty lucky but still she had a good car all day. So if she keeps it up, it’ll be good. But be looking for something out of DPatrick at Bristol. It can go either way. But with her getting out of the car in a few races what all does it matter really if she did good? It’s all going down the drain when she goes back to IRL.

Ben: Next, what do you make of the Robby Gordon/Kevin Conway situation?

Siebert: Honestly, I didn’t hear anything about it. All I know is that it’s probably something small that got blown out of proportion. They’re bottom 35 drivers as it is. Let em fight! It’ll least make them have a reason to really race someone rather than starting and parking.

Ben: Finally, what do you think of this off-week coming up? Too early in the season for a break or do you think it’s necessary?

Siebert: Think it’s to early. Why cut off so early? Been what, 3 races? I say don’t give them a break until like mid-season or week before the Chase. But that’s me though; people will probably disagree with that.

Ben: Can’t argue there. As always, thanks for your insight Chris. Enjoy the off week and we’ll hear from you after Bristol!

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