Marcos Ambrose, David Ragan To Attempt World Record Speed Runs At Bristol

Two NASCAR drivers will attempt to make history Saturday at Bristol.

Following Saturday’s NASCAR Nationwide Series race, Marcos Ambrose and David Ragan will each drive a supercharged 2011 Ford Mustang GT around the half-mile track.

The drivers will attempt to break the world record for the fastest half-mile run for a street-legal car.

Breaking the record will, of course, be no easy task, particularly seeing as how the drivers will have to turn corners as opposed to being able to go straight and keep their speed up.

The fastest quarter-mile run by a street-legal car to date was 6.95 seconds by a 1963 Chevrolet Corvette, which was a straight-line run.(I could not find the fastest half-mile run, but if anybody has that info please feel free to share it)

Regardless of the probablity(or improbability) of the drivers actually breaking the record, it’ll still be fun to see if they really can do it. And of course, we’ll have you covered afterwards to let you know whether or not they do break the record.

Until then, I bid Ambrose and Ragan good luck, and godspeed.

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