NASCAR The Game 2011 Review

I’m back!  Sorry for the absence everyone!  Below, is my in-depth reveiew of NASCAR The Game 2011 courtesy of our friends over at Eutechnyx, and Activision.  I reviewed the Xbox 360 version, since i only have an Xbox 360 console.   Now, when i review games, i review them as a whole.  Both multi-player, and single player.  Just as a side note, my review is not biased, nor is it bashing Eutechnyx. 

We would like to thank Eutechnyx  for allowing Stock Car Spin to review this game, as well as supplying us with a review copy.  Here is the long awaited review. 

The last two years have been a very dreadful one as far a NASCAR video games are concerned.  In 2009, EA Sports decided to give up the license to make NASCAR licensed video games after “poor sales’ of NASCAR 09 and Kart Racing.  After EA canned the license, people were asking one question, and ony question only.  Who is going to take on the license to make a new NASCAR game?!   

Fortunately for us NASCAR gamers, NASCAR signed an exclusive agreement with British racing game developer Eutechnyx, who have worked on racing games like Ferrarri Challenge, Big Mutha Truckers, and Pimp My Ride.  They have alot of experience making racing games, as they have been doing so for the past 20 years.  That is really impressive. 

Will NASCAR The Game 2011 be the most realistic console game to date?  Lets find out shall we?!  

Single Player:
Eutechnyx wanted to make the game a very detailed, and realistic NASCAR experience.  I truly believe that they did just that.  Single player is definitely one of the modes that Eutechnyx needed to get right.  Even though there are people who buy games just for online, there are people who start with the campaign, or single-player.   It looks as though Eutechnyx got it right.  

Lets take a look at the different single player modes….

Track Testing:  This mode just allows you to test each track, and adjust my setups.  

Pros:   Testing the tracks in the game will make the gamer alot better at the tracks they test on.  Plus, i like the fact that you can change around your car setup.  Thats the best part i think.  

Cons:  The only problem i have with Track Testing, is that when you get damage, you pause, and select “return to pits”, and still have damage after you return to the pits.  Not sure if this is how that should be, or its just a bug.  

Eliminator Mode:  Eliminator mode is where you run in a room with other cars (which is customizable) and one car is eliminated after the timer runs out (which can also be customizable).  

Pros: This mode is very fun.  I liked how i was able to start in last, but pass people as i go.   

Cons:  I don’t have any cons with it.  Its fun overall, and i dont have any issues. 

Single Player AI:  This is very crucial to every NASCAR game.  The AI is basically the computer controlling the cars around you  

Pros:  The AI is the most realistic ever in any NASCAR console game period.  You bump Kyle Busch, you’ll be paying the price.  On very hard, they are hard to pass, and get by.  That is pretty incredible.  

Cons:  The AI on lower difficulties like hard and medium are still very easy to pass, and beat by several seconds, but still the AI is the best i’ve ever seen. 

Overall Rating:
Eutechnyx spent alot of time on the offline portion of NASCAR The Game 2011 and that time definitely paid off.  The offline is definitely better than NASCAR 09 ever was.  The AI’s are the best ever on a console game, and the career mode is even more exciting than NASCAR 09.  The eliminator mode is also fun, and exciting.  I have nothing but great things to say about the offline. 

So….  I rate the offline with the following…

9.5 out of 10. 

Online Multiplayer:
Like i said earlier in the post, most people are buying video games mainly for the multiplayer side of the game.  In NASCAR The Game 2011, you are able to race with 15 other people in a online race (for a total of 16 online players in one room).   You can do an online race, and you can race others in a leaderboard challenge.    You can also host your own private match, and choose a specific track, as well as specific rules.   What did i think of the online multiplayer?!  Here’s what i thought. 

Pros:  I like the fact that for the first time they have a game like this, they use Microsoft’s servers.  We had alot of unpredictability with EA’s servers in NASCAR 09. 

Cons:  Unfortunately, i think the online multi-player needs to be Eutechnyx’s TOP PRIORITY when it comes topatching up stuff in the game.   There are definitely alot of issues with the online multiplayer so far.  I will go off the top of my head and name a few of them.  Cautions are not coming out when someone spins out, cars are under control by AI even after the start, cars flipping before the start, people getting jumps at the start, and so on…..   

Now Eutechnyx have already addressed all the online/offline bug madness, and are currently working to fix these bugs/issues.   They are currently getting the information that they need in order to make a patch to fix issues that i have mentioned, as well as other bugs/glitches that the NASCAR The Game community has mentioned on the official game forums.  

I have the total confidence that they will get these bugs/glitches fixed, and make the online multiplayer playable.   I totally believe that Eutechnyx is in this for the long haul, and by coming out and saying that they are willing to fix everything within NASCAR The Game 2011, makes me believe that they are very passionate, and very understanding about what the fans want to see, and need to see fixed in the game. 

Overall, online definitely is going to be one of the biggest tasks Eutechnyx needs to take head on. 

My rating for online is the following….

5.0 out of 10 (as is right now) 

Final Thoughts/Overall Review:
NASCAR The Game 2011 is definitely a level up over the features that were included in NASCAR 09.  This game definitely gives the gamer the feel, and the realism of NASCAR.  It is also completely authentic as well.  Overall, even though its Eutechnyx’s first game as NASCAR’s official licensee, its definitely a great game that people will enjoy.  The game to me is worth the 60 bucks although, if you are playing this only for the online multiplayer, you may want to wait until patches have been released to fix issues with the online multiplayer before you purchase it.    Once the patches fix everything wrong on both online and offline, this game will be a fantastic game to play, and be the best NASCAR console game, it was meant to be!

With all the poor reviews by both gamers and websites alike, if you were to review this game as a whole, this game is definitely a step forward.   Here is my final overall review.

Overall Review: 7.0 out of 10

  • stephen

    Need to fix server for online racing

  • robert

    In my opinion any jackass who decides to drive the track backwards kamikazee drivers or come to a complete stop on the track and pull up infront of you to crash you needs to be black flagged and removed from the race. Real buggy online problems need to be addressed also. I enjoyed playing the game, just hope they polish it up a little.

  • James

    Not real sure if i just got a bad game and need to exchange it or not, but car detailing it seems that if i spend x amount of time creating a car the game freezes up. also my only complaint on the game and again may be a glitch in the game i bought, is the cautions… if i get spun cautions dont come out and it seems i need the whole pack to get involved in a wreck to draw a caution.. if anyone else is having these problems please give me a heads up or let me know if i need to exchange the disk i bought. Thanks

  • redvirago

    This is by far the worst NASCAR game ever produced. Yeah I said it! We have all been ripped off by false advertising.There has to be one lawyer out there who has been ripped off who would be willing to file a suit on the behalf of the hundreds of thousands who were duped by hype and false advertising and rushed out to buy this game day 1. There is nothing realistic about this unfinished project that any high school computer student would be ashamed to turn in as a project. The original Pole Position was a more realistic racing game! At least we knew what we were buying! NASCAR 2011 the game has nothing to do with NASCAR 2011. The rules are non exsistent, the cars are all 2010 bodies and ill rendered paintjobs, the caution flags do not work, the damage is 1990′s arcade style, the online engine does not work as advertised, the graphics depicted in the promo videos are nowhere to be seen. Everything about this game is false advertising and it sucks! NASCAR should be ashamed to have given this company Liscence to use their name. Any driver who has put their name on or endorsed this product should be ashamed for what they have done in the name of greed. Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo also have endorsed this horrific game, and should be bowing down in shame! Activision and Eutechnyx should hang their head in shame and offer full refunds for this unfinished embarasment. Any retailer who keeps this on their shelves should also be boycotted. I will never buy another product from Activision or Eutechnyx , as they have shown themselves for what they really are. Dishonest con artists! No patch will ever fix all the bugs this beta release product has.

    • Mike

      Agreed. NASCAR 09 isn’t so bad now after all is it?

      I’m still hoping NASCAR 11 will grow on me though.

      Like I said in my previous post, I don’t own XBOX LIVE so all these glitches I will have to live and deal with forever. And no, I will not spend/invest another $50 to activate LIVE just to get these patches for NASCAR 11. These issues should have been resolved prior to sales. Hell they pushed back the release date for a month at one point and they didn’t notice this.

    • sst6977

      i agree, a far cry from what ea sports has done in the past, activision and eutechnyx should have takin some of the money they spent on advertising, and polished the game play, and maybe added more game modes and/or options, i just wasted 5 minutes watching the computer drive me around the track under caution…piss poor first outing

  • Mike


    You do not have a bad game. I was noticing this as well and it’s very disappointing (among other things I’ve found wrong in the game). This issue needs to be addressed right away by Eutechnyx, and Activision!!!! My problem is, I don’t have XBOX LIVE so I will probably be stuck with this glitch forever.

    My biggest complaint, I can’t stand the cross hairs at the bottom to see cars coming up from behind. In NASCAR 09, there was an option to have a rear view mirror to see/watch cars behind you (I always prefer to play using the “Roof Camera” view). There is no rear view mirror unless you use an “In Car” view. Once again, I hate the cross hairs to see cars coming.

    My second biggest complaint is the spotter. I thought it was supposed to be in real time? The f’ing spotter spends more time talking about shrimp cocktails and how I’m gonna buy pizza for everybody then he does telling me about what’s happening around me on the track. When he does talk about racing, the timing is always way off! He says I’m clear, when I’m not. He doesn’t let me know if a car has a run on me. All the things I also disliked about the NASCAR 09 spotter. I really thought they were going to nail the spotter and his calls in this game. Looks like I’ll be turning off the spotter in this game as well.

    My favorite track to play is Phoenix in all NASCAR games. Probably because I love going to that track and watching the races (have been going to P.I.R. for 16 years now). So, I put the game in, the first race track I choose is P.I.R. (the spring night race of course). I set it up for a 50 lap race. The race begins and ends in daylight!?!?!? Sure, there are some shadows on the track from the sun being low in the sky. But the sun never sets! Plus they have the sun setting in the North East end of the track not the West end of the track. WTF?

    I’m not so sure I like this game better overall than NASCAR 09. Yes, NASCAR 09 had its flaws as well but I really enjoyed that game for the last few years. I guess I just have to give the new game some time. Hopefully NASCAR 11 will grow on me.

    • MASG

      if you find the atty. i,m in. JUNK!

  • http://boo-ya Matt Tomlinson

    I was very disapointed with this new game. I was exspecting the new game to be Nascar 09 with updated cars and graphics. “09″ was really good for online. “11″ is better then “09″ when it comes to carrer mode, but…when i spin out no yellow flag? I mainly purchased it for online, and lets just say I hope EA keeps the online server for “09″

  • Daniel

    Very tired of the online never working right, five minutes to start a game just to be stuck not moving, or start out on my roof with no caution. It freezes up all the time, and the pit stops and accidents arent really that realistic, the tracks are nice though, just wish i could race on them without a glitch. Almost ready to return the game.

  • Pissed Off

    This game is awful plain and simple.. Please save your money im hopeing to take it to a game store and atleast get $20 bucks out of it.

  • MASG

    DO NOT BUY THIS GAME…. Junk, falsely advertised in my opinion. Graphics s**k. Im embarrassed to even trade it in.

  • Lindro

    I want to like this game I just can’t seem to. I end upturning it off after 30 laps wondering why it took 3 years for a new NASCAR game to come outband this is it. Why is it called 2011 when it’s all 2010 cars. Why couldn’t they at least have gotten that done. Maybe I’ve read 20 reviews 10 hate it 10 love it. I think hearing little bonus noises go off make me feel Ike I’m playing Mario bros

  • Jimmies Johnson

    I looked forward to this game for a long time and i have to disagree with your single player assessment. i have found an incredible number of problems/bugs within the career mode of the game. yellow flags come out intermittently in spite of how horrible and accident occurs…when yellows are issued, they are often very late so you run right up on wrecks…the rear view mirror does not function whatsoever like an actual NASCAR rearview function–you can tell something is back there but you can not tell how many or which drive it is…if you spin on the front stretch coming off of 4 and slide through the grass into the pit lane area, the game states that i have entered the pits incorrectly and im assessed a pass through penalty…in fact at one point, i had blown right sides and slid to pit road through the grass at which point the computer took over the driving and it couldnt get me to the backstretch so i could take over…so the the car went into this crazy donut phase btween turns 1 and 2 for several minutes and i just had to restart that race…the EA game only bug that i have come up with through nine seasons of career mode is that you cannot do a burn out after winning a race…the ea game is way more consistent than this new game…

  • Icymint

    I pre ordered the game, with great expectation. I looked at all the pre sale trailers. Then I bought the game, went home and played it. What a let down !!! What a disappointment !!!
    Two days later, I went back to the store and explained in detail, all the problems that I encountered. The sales lady felt my pain and gave me a full refund. I am so thankful for that. I would have had to live with that regret and waste of hard earned money. I hope this post will prevent someone else from making the same big mistake. If you are looking for good online NASCAR racing,,,,, try GT5.

  • doughboy

    This game sucks! I returned it the ame day, and I’m a NASCAR fan. Don’t waste your money.

    • harvickshell

      Couldn’t agree more!!!!

  • master95

    this game is the best nascar game ever i have only had two problomes. it wont start but these retarted people above my comment are impationt. stupid

    • harvickshell

      Are you still playing PONG on your Atari??? Nascar 2009 blows the doors off this game!!!

  • harvickshell

    Let me just say THIS GAME SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!! Single player is OK at best, The Paint shop is nothing short of TERRIBLE, their sponsers are out of date, the crashes look like a game from Super Nintendo in the 80′s, and the multiplayer is basicly non-existant!! You start a race with all the cars spinning out and up side down…..then it freezes te whole XBox!!!
    Biggest waste of $69 I have spent in a long time!!!!!

  • usanoe

    The only thing I like about the game is the realistic views of the tracks. Everything else sucks. Cautions do not work unless almost everyone is involved. The “Get Ready” comes up in front of your car when youre trying to get a good start and when the track is a tri-oval and the start line is in the center of the tri-oval, you cant see the wall anymore. The spotter is absolutely terrible and has some of the most ridiculous sayings during the race. It is very obvious that the only research they did was on what the tracks look like and the paint schemes, and even the paint schemes are lacking. Have had the game for four days and have already put it aside. Waste of money.

  • jeffgordonrules

    I think NASCAR The Game 2011 is good. I don’t have live
    but I mean other than restarts, cautions, and some damage
    issues the game is pretty good.

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  • Sexy Games

    After having lot’s of positive comments, i think NASCAR is good game. i should try this game one.

  • BrandonButler

    I do like the overall feel of the game. its nice. Its just that there are things that Eutechnyx needs to work on in order to make NTG 2012 better than 2011.

  • BrandonButler

    I do like the overall feel of the game. its nice. Its just that there are things that Eutechnyx needs to work on in order to make NTG 2012 better than 2011.