Eutechnyx Won’t Refund Fans; Will Sponsor Dale Earnhardt Jr’s Race Team

 Instead of using its money to refund a slew of unhappy people for what is arguably the most disappointing NASCAR game ever, Eutchnyx, creators of NASCAR 2011: The Game, is choosing to put its money into more advertising.

Eutechnyx and NASCAR 2011: The Game are teaming up to sponsor the Dale Earnhardt Jr-owned #7 Chevrolet in this weekend’s NASCAR Nationwide Series race at Nashville. Josh Wise will be the driver.

Supposedly, this is a one-race deal, and is a slap in the face to anybody who bought the highly-anticipated and much-hyped NASCAR video game. Several race fanatics who spent the $60 it cost to buy the game ought to be severely upset about Eutechnyx’s decision to sponsor a race car, even if it’s just for one race.

According to a recent article about NASCAR sponsorships, the cost to sponsor a car for one race is anywhere from $350,000 to $500,000.

But let’s say Eutechnyx cut a deal with JR Motorsports, and only had to spend $100,000 marketing their product on Wise’s race car. Eutechnyx could take that money and refund over 1,650 justifiably upset people.

And if the cost to sponsor the car was indeed half a million dollars, that number goes all the way up to 8,333.

So why is this really a big deal? Didn’t fans know what they were buying before we actually purchased the game?

Well, actually the answer is no.

Allow me to backtrack for a moment. Eutechnyx put 2 years and several million dollars into the development of this game, as well as an additional 6 months and millions more dollars into advertising. The company declared it was to be the “most realistic NASCAR experience ever”, and heavily promoted the “most realistic damage model ever before seen in a NASCAR game”.

After we spent 6 months listening to the hype, collectively we all went out and spent $60 on what we thought would be the most amazing racing game ever. What we got was, to put it nicely, crap.

The damage model was worse than NASCAR Heat 2002, the sensitivity was as bad as a cheap simulator Honda might come up with to promote its Eco-Boost cars, and the overall experience was just junk.

In a sense, we’ve been bamboozled by false advertising. And instead of refunding us the money we’re rightfully owed, Eutechnyx is putting its money elsewhere. Primarily, on the hood of a race car, to promote a product that never should have been advertised in the first place.

That’s why it’s a big deal. That’s why it’s a slap in the face.

It’s a shame, really. But it’s a sad reality. While we’re stuck sitting at home angrily clutching our shiny game box(for those of us who haven’t already thrown it out), the people of Eutechnyx will be sitting in their piles of money, watching their logo make laps around a race track.

And on the hood of a car owned by NASCAR’s most popular driver, no less.

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  • Woot

    I completely disagree. I think the game is amazing so far. There are some issues that are being addressed with a patch. There are some good races going on with this game.


  • Dustin

    You sound like a dumbass. No developer/publisher has every refunded consumers for any game. I could understand if NASCAR The Game was completely unplayable, but it’s not. I just finished my first career, I’m level 27, and I’ve raced over 100 times online. Yes, the game has it’s issues, but most adults are able to get past them and enjoy the game.

    Clearly you’re a dumbass kid whose allowance must have run out and mommy and daddy won’t give you any more until next month.

  • Allen Denning

    The author of this article is an idiot! How can you say they falsely advertised? Where’s yor facts? This game IS “the best CONSOLE NASCAR game ever.” Where in that quote is there anything false? They never said best OVERALL game, the said “best CONSOLE game,” which is correct. Compare this game to any previous NASCAR title & you’ll see the diffeerence! Did you even play the game? Do you even follow NASCAR? Do you even play videogames? If no, then your oppinion is discredible! How’d you get a job writing? You obviusly lack journalistic skills! MORAN!

    • Jamerson

      This isn’t journalism. Its opinion. If Ben is intending it as journalism (which I assume he’s not) then we’ve got a problem.

  • Harvick 29 Fan

    I agree with the others. You should be ashamed to write something so untrue when we have had a million times more support and interaction from Eutechnyx than we ever got from EA. They READ the forum and started fixing issues IMMEDIATELY. When did you see EA do that last? And have you forgotten this is the first NASCAR game for this company EVER? When’s the last time you did something and was perfect at it the first try? You’re likely 12 and are mad because you can’t flat-foot it around all of the tracks like mario kart… or because the assists don’t allow you to dominate a race, or because you can’t spend 100 hours a week tuning a setup and go dominate an online race. Get a life, but more importantly get your facts straight before you open your tail pipe…

  • MC88

    Clearly, this author doesn’t know that Eutechnyx is offering patches and a DLC release in the future.

    This game is a step forward into NASCAR gaming…period. EA SPORTS had their ups and downs, and Eutechnyx is presenting NASCAR in a whole different light.

  • jringer

    i think its fair to be upset over this game. i traded two decent games and laid down some hard earned cash for what i thought was a “polished” product. it’s hard for me to imagine what the developers were thinking when the master glasss copies went out for replication duplication. They knew their product was unfinished. All i can fathom is that they were at a point where they needed cash and that by getting product to market they could fund the rest of the game. What we bought was an unfinished product. And it should not be left to us consumers to help fund the rest of the project. My xbox live membership will expire before the next patch comes out, and i will be forced to buy another membership if I want access to the patch. this is unfair business practice. As it stands now, my xbox live membership was purchased solely to race this game online….and I cannot even enjoy that experience with the way the game is now….
    NTG2011 is junk. not the game per se, but the actual end product. junk….junk….junk

  • jringer

    just to add:

    If Eutechnyx won’t offer refunds, the least they should do is stamp the complete, finished games onto new discs and let people exchange the bug infested copies in hand for decent playable discs.

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  • Allen Denning

    All I’m sayng is that we, the NASCAR gaming communiy, hadn’t had a game since NASCAR ’09. & this game comes out, not perfect, but it’s a lot better than EA’s junk in previous years. Agtain, it’s not perfect, but it’s their first shot at the giant that is NASCAR.

  • Jonathan

    See you all need to take my advice and dont be see eager to jump and buy the newest game out there! It all goes back to when I first bought the original xbox when it just came out I spent 400 bucks plus 60 on the newest madden game and come to find out 2 years later the price would go down to 200 bucks, and the madden game I bought sucked big time…. then I got the madden game 2 years later and the game was 10 times better than the first. Trust me Nascar 2012, 2013, 2014 will be sooooooo much better than this game why cause thats the way it works in the gaming community. Why oh why would they give you there best they can bring when they know damn well next year they can promote it as being better than last years better handeling and so on…. Just like EA sports did go back and look at Nascar 02,03,04 always talks about better this better that. Rule of thumb when it comes to games and technoligy its better to wait then to rush and pay way to much for a product that will get cheaper in time and get better in time. thats all