Which Is More Ridiculous: Busch And Harvick's Penalties Or Jimmie Johnson Day?

It’s already been a fun week in NASCAR news. First, with the announcement of Kyle Busch and Kevin Harvick’s penalties, and then with the declaration of Jimmie Johnson Day.

If you haven’t heard, Busch and Harvick were each fined $25,000 and placed on probation for four races following an incident after the Darlington race Saturday night. The move appears to be an attempt by NASCAR to please everybody, by levying penalties so as to make a point, but not making them harsh so as to stick with the “Boys, have at it” mentality.

Instead, the penalties have pleased nobody and are actually more of a joke than anything. On one side of the fence, you have the old-school NASCAR fans who are angry that there was a penalty levied at all. “Boys, have at it” should mean just that: let the boys have at it and let them do what they want.

On the other side, you have the modern, liberal NASCAR fans who feel that the whole thing was completely out of line and inexcusable. These people feel that, at best, Busch and Harvick should have been fined 200 points and suspended for the rest of the season, and at worst, hung from their toes.

Instead, NASCAR decided to sit on the fence, and now nobody is happy.

But it gets better. The 146th Deleware General Assembly passed a joint resolution stating that Sunday, May 15th will be known as “Jimmie Johnson Day”. The resolution was authored by democratic senator Bruce Ennis, and was co-founded by democratic senator Brian Bushweller, and democratic representatives William Carson and Darryl Scott.

So Deleware, you now know where your tax money is going.

Johnson, as we know, has no ties to the state of Deleware whatsoever. He is a native of El Cajon, California, and resides in North Carolina. The Assembly passed the resolution based on “his extensive success at [Dover International Speedway], as well as the charitable work done nationwide by the Jimmie Johnson Foundation.”

As if there are no other NASCAR drivers who do charitable work nationwide, like for instance New Jersey native Martin Truex Jr., who considers Dover to be his home track.

By the way, Jimmie Johnson Day also just so happens to be race day at Dover International Speedway. Hey, conspiracy theorists, you think the fix might be in on that one or is it a little too obvious?

So, loyal members of SCS Nation, you are now caught up on this week’s news stories. Which do you feel is more ridiculous?

Which is more ridiculous?

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